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Chinese 1- Unit 2

教练 jiao4lian4; coach/instructor
Shui2; who
ye3, also/too
da3; play
橄榄球 gan3lan3qiu2; football
篮球 lan2qiu2; basketball
you3; have
a; particle word
dou1; both/all
xue2; learn/study
汉语 Han4yu3; Chinese language
法语 Fa3yu3; French language
ji3; how many
zhang1; measure for thin objects
中文 Zhong1wen2; Chinese
光盘 guang1pan2; disks/CDs
没有 mei2you3; not to have/don't have
na4; that
钱包 qian2bao1; wallet/money bag
zhe4; this
li3; in/inside
多少 duo1shao; how much money
qian2; money
yuan2; measure word
dui4; correct
gei3; give
nin2; formal you
zhao3; to find/to look for
he2; and
zai4; be
这里 zhe4li3; here
哪里 na3li; where
zhu4; wish
生日 shen1gri
快乐 kuai4le4; happy
今天 jin1tian1; today
gen1; with
一起 yi4qi3; together
chi1; eat/have
蛋糕 dan4gao1; cake
ting1; listen
音乐 yin1yue4; music
大家 da4jia1; all/everybody
hen3; very
高兴 gao1xing4; happy emotion
多大 duo1 da4; how old
sui4; year(or age)
开车 kai1che1; drive/driving
che1; vechial
当然 dan1gran2; certainly/of course
gou3; dog
ta1; it
漂亮 piao4liang; pretty
liang3; two
xing4; surname
ne; particle word EXAMPLE "我很好,你呢?“ "(I'm very good, and you?")
cong2; from
lai2; come
欢迎 huan1ying2; welcome
jia1; home
wan2; play
wei4; hello (only used when answering phone)
比萨饼 bi3sa4bing3; pizza
(商)店 (shang1)dian4; (business) store/shop
请问 qing3wen4; May I ask?
yao4; would like(to)/want
fen4; a set of
zhu4; live/reside
zai4; (indicating where a person or thing is)
hao4; number in a series
hao3; ok/alright
马上 ma3shang4; right away
dao4; arrive
kou3; mouth/(can be used as a measure word of how many people are in a family)
ren2; people/person
爸爸 ba4ba; father
妈妈 ma1ma; mother
哥哥 ge1ge; elder brother
姐姐 jie3jie; elder sister
hai2; and/as well/also/too
da4; big
xiao4; small/little
mao1; cat
弟弟 di4di; younger brother
妹妹 mei4mei; younger sister
爷爷 ye2ye; grandfather on father's side
奶奶 nai3nai; grandmother on father's side
医生 yi1sheng1; doctor
喜欢 xi1huan; like
邻居 lin2ju1; neighbor
可是 ke3shi4; but/however
现在 xian4zai4; now
点(钟) dian3(zhong1); o'clock
ban4; half Example: xian4zai4 wu3 dian3 ban4; Right now it's 5:30
shi4; matter/affair/thing/buisness
qu4; go
起床 qi3chuang2
ba; particle word
每天 mei3 tian1; every day
早上 zao3shang; morning
刻(钟) ke4(zhong1)
晚上 wan3shang; night/evening
时候 shi2hou; time/moment
睡觉 shui4jiao4; go to bed/sleep
昨天 zuo2tian1; yesterday
明天 ming2tian1; tommorow
yue4; month
hao4; date
jie2; holiday/festival
na3; which
tian1; day
明年 ming2nian2; next year
圣诞节 sheng4 dan4 jie2; Christmas
感恩节 gan3 en1 jie2; Thanksgiving day
春节 chun1jie2; spring festival
中秋节 zhong1 qiu1 jie2; The Mid-Autumn Festival
星期 xing1qi1; day of the week 
打算 da3suan4; plan (to)/be going to do
gan4; do
kan4; see/look at/watch
电影 dian4ying3; movie
xing2; will do/be all right
可以 ke3yi3; can/may
天气 tian1qi4; weather
怎么样 zen3meyang4; how
刮风 gua1feng1; blow wind
feng1; wind
下午 xia4wu3; afternoon
可能 ke3neng2; maybe/perhaps
下雨 xia4 yu4; rain
dai4; take/bring/carry
雨伞 yu3san3; umbrella 
哪儿 nar3; where
外面 wai4mian; outside
雨衣 yu3yi1; raincoat
新年 xin1nian2; New Year
最近 zui4jin4; recently/lately
mang2; busy
觉得 jue2de; think/feel/believe
秋天 qiu1tian1; fall/autumn
冬天 dong1tian1; winter
夏天 xia4tian1; summer
春天 chun1tian1; spring
zui4; to the highest degree
leng3; cold
re4; hot
常常 chang2chang2; often 
非常 fei1chang2; extremely 
节日 jie2ri4; holiday
先生 xian1sheng; mister/sir/gentleman
一点儿 yi4dian3r; a little bit (of)
饺子 jiao3zi; dumpling
ge4; measure word
he1; drink
饮料 yin3liao4; beverage 
wan3; bowl
鸡蛋 ji1dan4; egg
tang1; soup
为什么 wei4shen2me; why
因为 yin1wei4; because
he2; box
牛奶 niu2nai3; milk
ping2; bottle
kuai4; lump/piece
bao1; measure word for candy
黄油 huang2you2; butter
面包 mian4bao1; bread
别的 bie2de; else/other/another
口香糖 kou3xiang1tang2; chewing gum
一共 yi2gong4; altogether 
zhao3; give change
颜色 yan2se4; color
蓝色 lan2se4; blue
大海 da4hai3; sea/ocean
绿色 lv4se4; green
树木 shu4mu4; tree
草地 cao3di4; grassland
红色 hong2se4; red
橙色 cheng3se4; orange 
zhong3; kind/sort/type
明亮 ming2liang4; bright
jian2; measure word for tops
tiao2; measure word for pants, skirts and dresses
shuang1; a pair of/ shoes and socks measure word
还是 hai2shi; or
如果 ru2guo3; if
pei4; match/go well with 
穿 chuan1; wear
衣服 yi1fu; clothes (usually tops)
裙子 qun2zi; skirt/dress
裤子 ku4zi; pants
袜子 wa4zi; pants
帽子 mao4zi; hats
Created by: xXxOtaku_15xXx
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