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Chinese unit 2&3

教练 jiaolian coach/insturctor
shui who
ye also
da play
橄榄球 ganlanqiu football
蓝球 lanqiu basketball
you have
a particle word
dou both all
xue study
汉语 Hanyu chinese language
法语 Fayu french language
ji how many (under 10)
zhang measure word
中文 zhongwen chinese
光盘 guangpan disks, CDs
没有 meiyou not to have, dont have
na that
钱包 qianbao wallet
zhe this
li in/inside
多少 duoshao how much how many
qian money
yuan measure word
dui yes, thats right
nin polite form of ni
zhao to find, to look for
he and
zai be
这里 zheli here
那里 nali there
zhu offer good wishes,wish
生日 shengri birthday
快乐 kuaile happy/joyous
今天 jintian today
gen with
一起 yiqi together
chi eat
蛋糕 dangao cake
ting listen
音乐 yinyue music
大家 dajia everybody
高兴 gaoxing
多大 duo da how old
sui years old
开车 drive a car
当然 dangran of course
gou dog
ta it
漂亮 piaoliang pretty
liang 2
xing surname
ne partical word
cong from
lai come
欢迎 huanying welcome
jia home
wan play
wei hello for a phone
比萨饼 bisabing pizza
请问 qingwen may i ask
yao want
fen serving
zhu live
hao number in a series
hao good
马上 mashang right away
dao arrive
kou measure word for people
爸爸 baba father
妈妈 mama mother
哥哥 gege older brother
姐姐 jiejie older sister
hai and,also,too
da big
xiao small
mao cat
弟弟 didi younger brother
妹妹 meimei younger sister
医生 yisheng docter
爷爷 yeye grandfather dads side
奶奶 nainai grandma dads side
喜欢 xi huan like
邻居 linju neighbor
可是 keshi but,however
Created by: mrogers15
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