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Science Animals Study Guide

An _______ species may become extinct. endangered
Animals that sleep through winter ________. hibernate
When all of one kind of organism dies, the organism is ______. extinct
Evidence of a plant or animal that lived long ago is a_________. fossil
______ have dry, scaly skin. Reptiles
A specific scientific name identifies the ______ of an organism. species
If the numbers of an organism are going down, the organism is __________. threatened
An animal that has a color similar to its environment has __________. camouflage
One trait of ________ is a body covering called fur. mammals
The features a young animal gets from its parents are ________. traits
Animals _______ traits from their parents. inherit
Animals that begin their life in water and later live on land are _________. amphibians
Animals _______ south to escape cold winter. migrate
______ have bodies covered wtih feathers. birds
Reptiles and fish have ________. scales
When one animal looks like another, it is called ________. mimicry
Scales make it easy for ____ to glide through the water. fish
Young amphibians and fish use _____ to take in oxygen. gills
Behaviors that animals know without being taught are ________. instinct
What 4 things do animals need to live? air, water, food, shelter
True or false: All animals are made of cells. True
Name one difference between mammals and reptiles. Mammals have fur.
Name one way that mammals and birds are alike. Both breathe with lungs.
What type of animal are we? Mammal
Name an example of a learned behavior. A dog learns to sit on command.
Name an example of an instinct. A bird builds a nest.
Created by: grade3