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development the process of change that occurs in the organisms life to produce a more complex organism
redi's experiment rejected this spontaneous generation
bacteria have one cell, therefore, they are _______ organisms unicellular
6 charisteistics of living things chemicals of life energy use response to surrounding growth/development reproduction cellular orginazation
4 things living things need to survive food water living space stable internal connections
basic building blocks of all living things cells
what is the mot abundant chemical in cells water
lipids and _____ are the building materials of cells protiens
cells of organisms use energy for _____ and _____ growth and repair
a change in an organisms surrounding that causes the organism to react is a _____ stimulus
true or false-flies can arise from rotting meat false
the misled idea that living things can come from nonliving things spontaneous generation
Louis pasteur made an experiment that required variables-what were they boiled broth and unboiled broth
autotrough an organism that makes its own food
hetrotrough an organism that gets energy from consuming autotroughs.
why do sientists classify organise living things into groups bsed on similarities
taxonomy the cientific study og how things are clasified
binomial nomanclaetue a 2 part scientific name given t oeach organism started by linnaes
genus first word in organisms scientific name
species second word in organisms scientific name
levels of genus domain kingdom phylum class order family genus species
as you move down the levels of classification the number of organisms decrease
the more classification levels that 2 organisms share the more ______ characteristics-
what is a taxonomic key a tool consisting of a series of paired statements that describe physical characteristics
field guides a book that has pictiudes that hilight the dferences between simlar looking organisms
darwin discoered what evolution
evolution a change over time that a species change over time-process
when organisms share a common ancestor they share an evolutionary history todays classification system shows us that species with similar evolutionary histories are classified more closely together
how do scientists determine the evolutionary history of a species compare structure but todays scientists use info about the chemical makeup of the organisms cells
the more closely 2 secies are related the more similar the chemicals that make up therr cells and the closely simmilar evolutiuonary historues
classifications can be chaged if new info from NA come
Created by: snygren