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WVSOM -- First Aid Classic Labs/Findings Page 3

Increased α-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid/maternal serum Anecephaly, spina bifida (neural tube defects)
increased uric acid levels Gout, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, myeloproliferative disorders, loop and thiazide diuretics
Intranuclear eosinphilic droplet-like bodies Cowdry type A bodies (HSV or yellow fever)
Iron-containing nodules in alveolar septum ferruginous bodies (asbestosis: increased chance of mesothelioma)
Large lysosomal vesicles in phagocytes, immunocompromised Chediak-Higashi disease (failure of phagolysosome formation)
Low serum ceruloplsamin Wilson's disease (hepatolenticular degneration)
"lumpy-bumpy" appearance of glomeruli on immunofluorescence post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
lytic ("hole-punched") bone lesions on x-ray Multiple myeloma
Mammary gland ("blue-domed") cyst Fibrocytsic change of the breast
monoclonal antibody spike 1. Multiple Myelmoa (M protein) 2. monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) 3. Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia (M protein)
Monoclonal globulin protein in blood/urine Bence Jones proteins Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia (IgM)
Mucin-filled cell with peripheral nucleus signet ring (gastric carcinoma)
Narrowing of bowel lumen on barium radiograph "string sign" (Crohn's Disease)
Needle-shaped, negatively birefringement crystaals Gout (hyperuricemia)
Nodular Hyaline deposits in glomeruli Kimmelsteil-Wilson nodules (diabetic nephropathy)
"nutmeg" appearance of liver Crhonic passive congestion of liver due to right heart failure
"onion-skin" periosteal reaction Ewing's sarcoma (malignant round-cell tumor)
Periosteum raided from bone, creating triangular area Codman's triangle on x-ray (osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma, pyogenic osteomyelitis)
podocyte fusion on EM minimal change disease (child with nephrotic syndrome)
Polished, "ivory-like" appearance of bone at cartilage erosion Eburnation (osteoarthritis resulting in bony sclerosis)
protein aggregates in neurons from hyperphosphorylation of protein tau neurofibrillary tangles (alzheimer's disease and CJD)
pseudopalisade tumor cell arrangement glioblastoma multiforme
RBC casts in urine acute glomerulonephritis
rectangular, crystal-like inclusions in leydig cells Reinke crystals (ledig cell tumor)
Created by: tjamrose