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Places & Cases

Endangered species cases and places to know

Chernobyl, Ukraine April 26, 1986, unauthorized safety test (irony), leads to fire and explosion at nuclear power plant—millionsexposed to unsafe levels of radiation.
Three-Mile Island, Pennsylvania: March 29, 1979, nuclear power plant loses cooling water 50% of core melts, radioactive materialsescape into atmosphere, near meltdown (disaster).
Yucca Mountain, Nevada: controversial as proposed site for permanent storage of high-level nuclear waste, 70-miles northwest of LasVegas, near volcano and earthquake faults.
Love Canal, NY: chemicals buried in old canal, school and homes built over it led to birth defects and cancers.
Aswan High Dam, Egypt The silt that made the Nile region fertile fills the reservoir. Lack of irrigation controls causes waterloggingand salinization. The parasitic disease schistosomiasis thrives in the stagnant water of the reservoir.
Minamata, Japan Mental impairments, birth defects, and deaths caused by mercury dumped in Minamata Bay by factory. Mercuryentered humans through their diet (fish).
Bhopal, India December 2,1984, methyl isocyanate released accidentally by Union Carbide pesticide plant kills over 5,000.
Valdez, Alaska March 24, 1989, tanker Exxon Valdez hits submerged rocks in Prince William Sound—worst oil spill in US waters...until possibly now.
Atlantic Salmon interbreeding with and competition from escaped farm-raised salmon from the aquaculture industry threaten the wildsalmon population.
California Condor reasons for decline include shootings, poisoning, lead poisoning, collisions with power lines, egg collecting,pesticides, habitat loss, and the decline of large and medium-size native mammals due to encroachments of agriculture andurbanization.
Florida panther hunting and development that resulted in habitat loss and fragmentation
Gray Wolf subject of predator eradication programs sponsored by the Federal government. Prior to Endangered Species Act (1973),exterminated from the lower 48 states except for a few hundred inhabiting extreme northeastern Minnesota and a small number on Isle Roya
Grizzly Bear conflict with humans and development that resulted in habitat loss and fragmentation
Piping Plover predation and human disturbance are thought to be the main causes of the plover's decline. It is listed as endangered inthe Great Lakes region and as threatened in the Great Plains and on the Atlantic coast
Manatee initial population decreases resulted from overharvesting for meat, oil, and leather. Today, heavy mortality occurs fromaccidental collisions with boats and barges, and from canal lock operations.
Whooping Crane drainage of wetlands, conversion of grasslands to agriculture, and hunting for feathers.
Gray Whale:no longer endangered the eastern North Pacific stock of gray whale has the distinction of being the first population of a marine mammalspecies to be removed from the List of Endangered and Threatened Species.
Peregrine Falcon:no longer endangered ingested DDT by eating smaller birds, which had eaten contaminated prey. The pesticide caused the shells of thebird's eggs to thin and resulted in nesting failures. Removed from the list of endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service inAugust 19
Bald Eagle:no longer endangered ingested DDT by eating contaminated fish. The pesticide caused the shells of the bird's eggs to thin and resulted in nestingfailures. Loss of nesting habitat and hunting for feathers also contributed to the population decline. Reclassified from endanger
American Alligator:no longer endangered overhunting and destruction of habitat caused original listing, removed from the list of endangered species by theFish and Wildlife Service in 1987.Bald Eagle: ingested DDT by eating
Created by: sallywentzell