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Ecce Romani 28-33


cachinnus laughter
optimus best, very good
lanius butcher
caro meat
Quanti how much
perna ham
pretium price
quidem indeed
umquam ever
procax pushy
autem however
multus much
pinguis fat
denarius denarius
immo rather
lepus hare
gratis free
recte rightly
vero truly
pascere to feed
addere to add
accipere to receive
minuere to lessen
dubium doubt
commovere to move, upset
quaerere to seek
paries wall
tabulatum story, floor
paene almost
opprimuntur they are overwhelmed
eicere to throw out
ornamenta furnishings
tam so
parvus small
infirmus weak
fenestra window
incendium fire
incola inhabitant, tenant
insula island, apartment house
vis force
ac and
servabimur we will be saved
scindere to cut
iratissimus very angry
ceteri the others
coquus cook
una together
uva grape
frustum scrap
Euge! Hurray!
ferculum tray
niger black
aspersus sprinkled
pestilentia plague
locus place
popina bar
poculum cup
edo I eat
complere to fill
irrumpere to burst in
boletus mushroom
secundae mensae second course
gustatio first course
coquere to cook
afferre to bring in
everto to overturn
deicere to throw down
effundere to pour out
auferre to carry away
accumbere to recline
complures several
comiter courteously
solea sandal
regnum kingdom
inferi the underworld
candelabrum candelabrum
casu by chance
oleum oil
stratum sheet
ignis fire
pallium cloak
iussa orders
pulcherrimus very beautiful
circum around
malum apple
ovum egg
pullus chicken
panis bread
holus vegetable
comparare to obtain
Bono animo es! Cheer up!
summa celeritate as fast as possible
concursare to run about
delectare to delight
mendicus beggar
elegantissimus most elegant
adstantes bystanders
rixa quarrel
finis end
libertus freedman
fumus smoke
recumbere to recline
aufugere to run away
vestis clothing
eripere to snatch from
crines hair
speculum mirror
neglegenter carelessly
vexatus annoyed
in quibus among whom
porcus pig
cuius whose
glis dormouse
sella sedan chair
pectere to comb
vendere to sell
pulcher beautiful
Created by: vmdever