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Ecce Romani 25 - 27


atrium atrium
nisi unless
sine without
custos guard
bona, bonorum goods
nonnumquam sometimes
postridie the following day
iacere to lie
praedo robber
nocere to harm
metus, us fear
terra, ae earth
lutum, i mud
arripio I seize
vetare to forbid
parvulus, a, um small
servare to save
gladius, i sword
oculus, i eye
domi at home
stringere to draw
claudere to shut
accidere to happen
aperio I open
ludi circenses chariot-racing
curriculum race track
feriae holidays
spina barrier
quadrigae chariots
metae turning posts
Caesar Emperor
signum signal
mappa white cloth
factiones companies
russati reds
albati whites
prasini greens
veneti blues
favere to support
mulier woman
devertere to turn aside
humi on the ground
vincere to conquer
meus, a, um my
tuus, a, um your (sing.)
noster, ra, rum our
vester, ra, rum your
suus, a, um (sing.) his, her, its own
suus, a, um (pl.) their own
tumultus uproar
excitatus, a, um wakened
eho hey
abhinc ago, previously
taberna, ae shop
postis door-post
poeta poet
aliquid something
lapis stone
oppressus, a, um crushed
quadratus squared
quod which
pervenire to reach
sterto I snore
trahere to drag
conficere to finish
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