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Ecce Romani 13 - 23

Latin Vocabulary

iter journey
iter faciebant they were traveling
tribus diebus in three days
volebat he/she wanted
identidem again and again
iubebat he kept ordering
virga stick
verberabat he kept beating
ibant they were going
rusticus peasant
septimus seventh
erat he/she/it was
quiescebant they were resting
pes foot
vehicula vehicles
auriga charioteer
magno risu with a loud laugh
fatuus stupid
tabellarius courier
civis citizen
praeclarus distinguished
ab/a from
pars part
Quam! How!
ferociter fiercely
Cave! Watch out!
vito, vitare to avoid
concido; concidere to fall down
cuncti all
incolumis unhurt; safe and sound
gaudeo, gaudere to be glad
quod that; which
cesso, cessare to be idle; to do nothing
extraho, extrahere to drag out
frustra in vain
haereo, haerere to stick
moveo, movere to move
culpa fault; blame
cisium light two-wheeled carriage
interpello, interpellare to interrupt
placide gently; peacefully
celerrime very fast
noster our
devertebat he began to turn aside
periculum danger
ars skill
ago, agere to do; drive
Tune spectabas? Were you watching?
commotus moved
exspecto, exspectare to look out for
longus long
diu for a long time
appareo, apparere to appear
rota wheel
procul in the distance; far off
nubes cloud
pulvis dust
plaustrum wagon; cart
onus load; burden
tardus slow
illud that
praeterea besides
bos ox
fortasse perhaps
quattuor four
duae two
tantum only
praetereo, praeterire to go past
Quot? How many?
nonus ninth
taedebat it bored
aperio, aperire to open
pila ball
Visne? Do you want?
ludo,ludere to play
eam her; it
excipio, excipere to welcome; receive; catch
alter...alterum the one...the other
iocus joke; prank
ferio, ferire to hit; strike
verto, vertere to turn
carissima dearest
animus mind
in animo habere to intend
apud with
relinquo, relinquere to leave behind
itaque and so; therefore
hospes guest; host; friend
de down from; concerning; about
illa she
ut as
scio, scire to know
mortuus dead
nobiscum with us
undecimus eleventh
caelum sky
advesperascit, advesperascere it gets dark
aedificium building
caupona inn
pernocto, pernoctare to spend the night
caupo innkeeper
periculosus dangerous
custodio, custodire to guard
rex king
rego, regere to rule
pugno, pugnare to fight
aut...aut either...or
consilium plan
consilium capere to form a plan
inter between; among
miles soldier
vester your
proelium fight; battle
victor conquerer; victor
bellum war
pro for; on behalf of
patria fatherland; nation
delecto, delectare to please
vulnus wound
accipio, accipere to receive; accept
neco, necare to kill
contra against
hoc modo in this way
praecurro, praecurrere to run ahead
homo, hominis man
se praecipitant they hurl themselves; rush
fugio, fugere to flee
manum hand
hi canes these dogs
modo only
cauda tail
apparuit he appeared
obesus fat
revocavit he called back
pernoctaverunt they have spent the night
olim once (upon a time)
legatus envoy
Quid agis? How are you?
Mehercule! By Hercules! Goodness me!
nisi erro unless I am mistaken
agnosco, agnoscere to recognize
doleo, dolere to be sad
omnis all; every
viator, viatoris traveler
vesperi in the evening
fortis brave; stron
olfacio, olfacere to catch the scent of; smell; sniff
intraverunt they entered
ceno, cenare to eat dinner
cena dinner
vobis for you
iussit he ordered
duxit he/she led
lectus bed
sordidus dirty
rem explicare to explain the situation
melior better
tibi for you
esurio, esurire to be hungry
cubitum ire to go to bed
valde very; exceedingly, very much
ierunt they went
vigilo, vigilare to stay awake
Quid fecit! What did he/she do?
vehementer very much; violently
cui to whom; to him; to her
certe certainly
arripuit he seized
hoc this
manserunt they stayed
post after
medius middle of
media nox midnight
Licetne nobis? Is it allowed for us?
paulisper for a short time
Esto! All right!
misisti you have sent
voluimus we wanted
enim for
Dum...devorant While.. we were devouring
miles soldier
vir optime sir
optimus best; very good
in hanc cauponem into this inn
numquam never
antea before
dico, dicere to say; tell
fabula story
narratus told
neco, necare to kill
narro, narrare to tell a story
heri yesterday
ille he
postquam after
haec these things; this
somnus sleep
ei to him
somnium dream
animum recuperare to regain one's senses; be fully awake
nihil mali there is nothing wrong
malus bad
obdormio, obdormire to go to sleep
corpus, corporis body
stercus, stercoris manure
supra above; on top
mane early in the day; in the morning
punio, punire to punish
surgo, surgere to get up; to rise
sum, esse to be
adiuvo, adiuvare to help
pono, ponere to place; to put
conicio, conicere to throw
Quando? When?
primus first
lux, lucis light
prima luce at dawn
mortuus dead
simulo, simulare to pretend
finio, finire to finish
sero late
cogito, cogitare to think
videtur he seems
invitus unwilling
eo, ire to go
peto, petere to look for; to seek
invenio, invenire to come upon; to find
removeo, removere to remove; move aside
extraho, extrahere to drag out; take out
video, videre to see
iubeo,iubere to order; to bid
volo, velle to wish; to want; to be willing
dico, dicere to say; to tell
possum, posse to be able
interdiu during the day
stupere to be amazed
turba crowd, mob
undique on all sides
strepitus, us noise
maximus greatest
gaudium joy
consido I sit down
induere to put on
advenire to reach, arrive
primum first
virilis of manhood
quies, quietis rest
eo, (adv) there
conducere to hire
descendo I come down/go down/climb down
agere to do, drive
currere to run
mirus, a, um wonderful
domum home
huc illuc this way and that
videbunt they will see
curabo I will take care of
ducam I will take
ferent they will carry
lectica litter
multa et mira many wonderful things
Curia Senate House
se quieti dare to rest
patruus uncle
vester, ra, rum your, pl.
videbimus we will see
excipiet he will welcome
illud that
atque and
sepulcrum tomb
intra inside
adveniemus we will come
sumere to take
cadere to fall
stare to stand
ascendere to climb
discedo I depart
trado I hand over
admoveo I move toward
nocturnus happening during the night
ingens huge
cum when
uxori to his wife
habenae reins
bene well
mandatum order
immemor forgetful
se parare to prepare oneself
raedario to the coachman
auxilio with the help
Corneliae to Cornelia
excipere to welcome
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