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Ecce Romani 22 - 23

Latin Vocabulary

interdiu during the day
stupere to be amazed
turba crowd, mob
undique on all sides
strepitus, us noise
maximus greatest
gaudium joy
consido I sit down
induere to put on
advenire to reach, arrive
primum first
virilis of manhood
quies, quietis rest
eo, (adv) there
conducere to hire
descendo I come down/go down/climb down
agere to do, drive
currere to run
mirus, a, um wonderful
domum home
huc illuc this way and that
videbunt they will see
curabo I will take care of
ducam I will take
ferent they will carry
lectica litter
multa et mira many wonderful things
Curia Senate House
se quieti dare to rest
patruus uncle
vester, ra, rum your, pl.
videbimus we will see
excipiet he will welcome
illud that
atque and
sepulcrum tomb
intra inside
adveniemus we will come
sumere to take
cadere to fall
stare to stand
ascendere to climb
discedo I depart
trado I hand over
admoveo I move toward
nocturnus happening during the night
ingens huge
cum when
uxori to his wife
habenae reins
bene well
mandatum order
immemor forgetful
se parare to prepare oneself
raedario to the coachman
auxilio with the help
Corneliae to Cornelia
excipere to welcome
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