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Ecce Romani 1-12

Latin Vocabulary

si if
dies day
calidus warm
ibi there
frigidus cold
prope near
vult he/she wants
respondet he/she replies
neque..neque neither..nor
lupus wolf
perterritus frightened; scared
statim immediately
ubi where; when
clamor shout
eos them
eum him
petit he/she seeks
arripit he/she grabs hold of
repellit he/she drives off
adveniunt they arrive
excipiunt they welcome
adhuc still
timet he/she fears
quem? whom?
ego I
volo I wish
nolo I don't wish
paras you prepare
potest he/she can
exire to go out
nondum not yet
pater father
mater mother
etiam also; even
neque and...not
tamen however
ancilla slave-woman
omnes all
observat he/she watches
cibus food
coquere to cook
mox soon
strenue strenuous
aqua water
portant they carry
reprehendit he/she blames
docet he/she teaches
curare take care of
adiuvare to help
nunc now
necesse est it is necessary
occupatus busy
spectant they watch
venit he/she comes
salutat he/she greets
Salve! Greetings!
inquit he/she says
meus my
ducit he/she leads
tradit he/she hands over
princeps emperor
revocat he/she recalls
consulere to consult
redire to return
ire to go
puer boy
qui who
clamant they shout
rident they laugh
vir man
servus slave
multi many
laborant they work
solus alone
iratus angry
subito suddenly
cadit he/she falls
Minime! No!
Ita vero! Yes!
-ne indicates a question
femina woman
Ecce! Look!
puella girl
habitat he/she lives
etiam also
villa country house
ubi where
laeta happy
quod because
iam now
sedet he/she sits
et and
legit he/she reads
altera a second; another
vicina neighboring
dum while
scribit he/she writes
Cur? Why?
quoque also
sunt they are
hodie today
sed but
ambulant they walk
brevi tempore in a short time
defessa tired
non iam no longer
strenua active
currit he/she runs
tandem at last
lente slowly
molestus troublesome
semper always
vexat he/she annoys
igitur therefore
amat he/she likes
dormit he/she sleeps
conspicit he/she catches sight of
furtim stealthily
appropinquat he/she approaches
ascendit he/she climbs
magnus big; great
audit he/she hears
videt he/she sees
vox voice
terret he/she frightens
sollicita anxious
tum then
tu you (S)
nihil nothing
te you (DO)
infirmus weak
fragor noise
vos you (pl)
nos we; us
intrat he/she enters
tempus time
deinde next
celeriter quickly
induit he/she puts on
iterum again
mihi for me
sua her own
nemo no one
nulli no
temptat he/she tries
hic here
mecum with me
misera unhappy
nobis for us
discedere to go away
tuus your
simul together
nescio I don't know
O me miserum! Poor me!
manere to remain
Vale! Goodbye!
tenet he/she holds
abit he/she goes away
festinat he/she hurries
alii...alii some...others
interea meanwhile
iubet he/she orders
alius another; other
ponere to put; place
liberi children
ipse himself
stat he/she stands
via road
habet he/she holds
scelestus wicked
cras tomorrow
incitat he/she urges on
iacit he/she throws
equus horse
dominus master
abesse to be away
plenus full
quamquam although
ira anger
effugere to flee
impedire to hinder
pater father
mater mother
frater brother
soror sister
filius son
filia daughter
liberi children
vir man
uxor wife
numerus number
invenire to find
bonus good
convocare to call together
rogare to ask
ferre to bring
cum with
trahere to drag
lupus wolf
amicae friends
canis dog
surgit he/she rises
parens parent
ambulant they walk
stat he/she stands
Eugepae! Hurray!
aestate in summer
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