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LFA 15 - 20

Latin Vocabulary

loquor talk
exire go out
consumo use up
consul consul
aliquid some
intellego understand
cum when
maiores ancestors
quidam certain
nondum not yet
longe far
pridie day before
polliceor promise
existimo think
cliens client
studeo be eager for
contemno despise
opera work
praeterea besides
saxum rock
quietus quiet
diu for a long time
mortuus dead
incendo burn
gaudium joy
arbitror think
miror admire
plerique most
quantus how much
aeger sick
primum first
gaudeo rejoice
eligere choose
igitur therefore
ob on account of
quidem indeed
cetera others
quies rest
propter because
praebeo furnish
emere buy
caelum sky
orior rise
aurum gold
ire go
arbor tree
statim at once
fides trust
uxor wife
reficio repair
redeo return
ops aid
res thing
statua statue
passus pace
cotidie daily
consentio agree
acutus sharp
viginti twenty
compleo fill
proficisci start
quam primum as soon as possible
subito suddenly
ingredi enter
mirus wonderful
necesse necessary
pervenio arrive
narrare tell
vesper evening
potens powerful
insigne noted
felix happy
vivere live
defessus tired
aetas age
spes hope
ignis fire
sol sun
Created by: vmdever