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LFA, 21-26


adire go to
casus accident
tumultus uproar
progredi advance
circumvenio surround
quaestor treasurer
placeo please
nolo not want
uter which of two
quamquam although
magnitudo greatness
gradior walk
occido kill
legatus general
interrogo ask
hortor urge
deligere select
persuadeo persuade
moror delay
inferior lower
pereo perish
caedo cut,beat,kill
campus plain
fames hunger
quoque also
hic here
disco learn
adulescens young man
mulier woman
desidero long for
significo signify
solum only
instituo train
pronuntio recite
perturbo disturb
fieri become, be made
scutum shield
origo origin
concedo grant
fortiter bravely
at but
carmen song
poeta poet
aditus approach
honor honor
reverto turn back
inire enter upon
volo want
quaero seek
interest it makes a difference
tribunus tribune
an or
quot how many
litus shore
attingo touch
differo differ
exercitus army
eo there
diligens careful
prudens sensible
perfidia treachery
circiter about
itaque therefore
num whether
negare deny
refero bring back
noceo harm
imperator commander
orare beg
etsi although
dedere surrender
alacer eager
Created by: vmdever