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LFA, 40-49


simul atque as soon as
impetus attack
utor use
iugum yoke
comparo get ready
ratio reason
cruciatus torture
cupiditas desire
morior die
vito avoid
renuntio report
ius iurandum oath
priusquam before
undique from all sides
postridie next day
paulo a little
egredior go out
prex prayer
satis enough
tollo take up
cursus course
nanciscor meet with
appropinquo come near to
noctu by night
conicio throw
supra above
opinio opinion
clam secretly
brevis short
exanimo exhaust
apertus open
necare kill
suspicor suspect
confligo dash together
consuesco become accustomed
frustra in vain
trado hand over
occasio opportunity
simul at same time
controversia dispute
remus oar
magnopere greatly
sublevo raise, rise
desisto cease
aspicio look on
censeo think
interea meanwhile
conor try
aegre with difficulty
insequor pursue
reperio find
idoneus suitable
meridies midday
Created by: vmdever