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LFA, 10-14

Latin Vocabulary

decimus tenth
tot so many
talis such
excipio receive
deduco lead
octavus eighth
maxime very greatly
atrium hall
clamor shout
peritus skilled
mature soon
sextus sixth
deinde then
silentium silence
rumpere break
manus hand
sic thus
posteaquam after
enim for
veho carry
hodie today
relinquo abandon
perficio finish
quartus fourth
proprius one's own
editus elevated
ferre bear
namque for
portus harbor
oculus eye
amplus great
nonus ninth
saepe often
sordidus dirty
angustus narrow
ne so that not
ita so
tam so
villa villa
paene almost
eicio throw out
tempestas storm
vestis clothing
perterreo scare thoroughly
mercator merchant
constituo determine
descendo descend
cibus food
domus house
colere worship
colligo collect
mora delay
exitus departure
posterus following
tendo stretch
palus marsh
ut so that
forum marketplace
flere weep
perturbo disturb
aedificium building
hospes guest
antiquus ancient
dignus worthy
Created by: vmdever