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LFA, 33-39


locare place
admitto let to
custodis guard
voluntas wish
audax bold
iniquus unjust
mens mind
pendere hang,weigh,pay
antea before
consido sit down
rursus again
timor fear
incolume unharmed
nisi unless
delere destroy
tegere cover
bis twice
obses hostage
aggredi attack
femina woman
legio legion
detrimentum loss
simulo pretend
quoniam since
propinqua near
proicere thrust
amplius more
complures several
restituo restore
fundere pour
exstruo build
nascor be born
extra out of
multitudo great number
effero carry out
quisque each
praesto stand before
prope almost
deficio fail
vehemens vigorous
collis hill
neglego neglect
adeo so
occurro occur
coepi began
despero despair
vix scarcely
deicio throw down
tuba trumpet
Created by: vmdever