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LFA, 27-32


plebs common people
abdere hide
obsidere besiege
infero bring
vulnero wound
caedes slaughter
vereor fear
defero enroll
iuvare help
initium beginning
intra within
militaris military
aes money
terror terror
pons bridge
impleo fill
tutus safe
magistratus magistrate
stipendium pay
postulo demand
fossa ditch
pectus chest
insidia plot
malo prefer
figere fix
comes companion
conspectus sight
contingo touch
parcere spare
inquit say
vivus living
oppugno attack
murus wall
ne quidem not even
succedo succeed
stultitia stupidity
oportet it is necessary
sequor follow
olim once
licet it is permitted
eques horseman
intervallum distance
iuvenis young man
inopia lack
fallo deceive
alere feed
aperio open
sinere allow
fors chance
diripio plunder
circumdo put around
adventus arrival
coniuro conspire
adiungo join to
consuetudo custom
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