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Which meningeal layer lies closest to the brain? PIA MATER
Which cerebral component is responsible for reabsorbing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)? ARACHNOID VILLI
Which meningeal layer lies closest to the skull? DURA MATER
Which structure separates the left and right cerebral hemisphere? FLAX CEREBRI
Crossing of impulses between the two hemispheres is made possible by which structure? CORPUS CALLOSUM
Which type of impairment may result from injury to the frontal lobe? ALTERATION IN PERSONALITY
Maintenance of an awake and alert status is dependent on the proper functioning of which two cerebral structures? RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM & BOTH CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES
The thalamus is responsible for intergrating which body senses? SIGHT, HEARING, TOUCH
Neurohumoral control of respiration is located in which structure? PONS AND MEDULLA
The primary function of the cerebellum. Maintainace of equilibrium and muscle coordination.
CSF is synthesized by which structure? CHOROID PLEXUS
Which area of the brain is responsible for voluntary motor function? FRONTAL LOBE
The parietal lobe is responsible for which function? SENSORY INTEGRATION
Which artery or arteries are responsible for anterior circulation to the brain? INTERNAL CAROTID
Which area of the brain is most sensitive to hypoxia? CEREBRAL CORTEX
Hypothalamic disorders would be manisfest by disturbances in which function? WATER BALANCE AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL
The gray matter of the spinal cord represents which type of tissue? UNMYELINATED TISSUE
How are the descending tracts within the spinal cord best described? MOTOR
Signs of acute subdural hematoma appear during what time frame after an injury? 2 to 3 days
Which symptoms are present in cases of autonomic hyperreflexia? BRADYCARDIA AND HYPERTENSION
Where are intracranial aneurysms most commonly found? ANTERIOR CEREBRAL CIRCULATION
What is the normal ICP? 0 - 15 mmHg
The hypothalamus secretes which hormone to regulate water balance? ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE (ADH)
Approximately two-thirds of the brain's blood supply is transported through which arteries? INTERNAL CAROTID
What percent of total body oxygen consumption is accounted for by the brain? 20%
The reticular activating system is responsible for which of functions? SLEEP AND WAKEFULNESS
Which structure or structures are a part of the supratentorial space? CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE
The risk of rebleeding after the initial rupture of an intracranial aneurysm is greatest at which time? Between 7th and 11th days after the intial bleed.
The most important treatment for the patient in status epilepticus is. MAINTENANCE OF VENTILATION OR RESPIRATORY SUPPORT
Myasthenia gravis is characterized by the following? NEUROMUSCULAR WEAKNESS WITH EXERCISE AND IMPROVEMENT WITH REST.
What is the objective of therapy in myasthenia gravis? ADMINISTRATION OF ANTICHOLINESTERASE MEDICATIONS.
Nursing interventions for myasthenia gravis includes. a. monitoring ventilation status due to muscle weakness. b. administration of anticholinesterase c. timing of activities to avoid fatigue.
Cholinergic crisis in myasthenia gravis is due to. OVERDOSE OF MEDICATION
Which surgical treatment may be useful in myesthenia gravis? THYMECTOMY
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