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Community Care

Settings of Care

Client Regulates quality standards in long-term facilities
Community Group of people living in the same region
OBRA Regulates quality standards in long-term facilities
Home Health Agency Organization that provides skilled home care
Rehabilitation Process of learning to function with a disability
Clinic Provides care to clients who are unable to get it elsewhere
Long-term care Provides care to clients who are unable to care for themselves
Handicap Total adjustment to a disability within limits
Medicare Single largest reimbursement source
DRGs Payment system based on diagnosis
A 70-year old patient, recovering from a heart attack, continues to refuse to follow his ordered diet, take the appropriate medication, or attend the physical therapy sessions. You have been unable to motivate him. Your next action would be to: set up a meeting with your supervisor and staff to discuss the issue.
Discharge Planning should: start on admission to promote continuity of care
Mr. Hansen, is due to be discharged in 2 days. He insists that he will be going home. Your assessment reveals that Mr. Hansen requires maximum assistance with ADLs due to decreased range of motion as well as severe unsteadiness while attempting to walk. coordinate a meeting with Mr. Hansen and family to discuss care needs.
Home health nurses must be resourceful and comfortable in their skills because: other nurses are not immediately available for consultation.
Mrs. Gutierrez is an 83-year old with a new dx of insulin-dependent DM. You are her nurse and are here for the first time. When you arrive she greets you suspiciously and quickly becomes angry. "she want to know how you plan to run me and my life." Im not her to run you life." then ask her about her concerns.
The current focus of care in hospitals is: treating the acutely ill and those needing surgery.
Community-based nursing focuses on: the culturally competent individual and family health care needs.
Home health care requires: doctor's order for home health to begin and an approved treatment plan
The amount of home health care services needed: increases with age.
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