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Myth Vocab

Grade 6

Artemis *goddess of the countryside, wild animals, hunting, and the moon *a skillful archer like her twin brother * had the power to heal.
Apollo *god of music, the arts,and of prophecy *he protected animals like his twin sister Artemis *he had the power to heal.
Hestia goddess of hearth and homes
Athena *goddess of wisdom, cleverness and craft *sprang fully grown from the head of Zeus
Zeus *king of the gods *rescued his five brothers and sisters from Cronus’ stomach *ruled over heaven and earth, including the weather; especially rain, hail, and snow * upheld justice and law he punished wrong doers by hurling thunderbolts at them
Aphrodite *goddess of love and beauty *she was thoughtless and dangerous with irresistible charming powers
Hermes *god of travelers and merchants *son of Zeus *chosen by Zeus to be his messenger and spy *wore winged sandals and helmet *invented the lyre
Hera *Queen of gods* wife of Zeus *goddess of marriage and motherhood
Hades *king of the Underworld *described as stern, grim, merciful, just and fair *Persephone was his bride *“Cap of Darkness”
Ares *god of war,furious rage, and mindless violence *unable to control his temper or anger when roused *not admired or liked by Greek
Pan *god of nature, shepherds and herds *had a man’s body and goat’s legs
Pandora *first woman created by gods *gifted with grace, beauty, intelligence and curiosity *made to punish man for accepting Prometheus’s gift of fire *Box- filled with bad things(jealousy, guilt, anger) *these evils released into the world
Pegasus *flying horse of silvery white beauty *needed a golden bridle to ride *supernatural powers
Prometheus *Titan *created humans *disobeyed Zeus and gave fire to mankind *was punished with torture
Cronus * a Titan * father of Zeus * ate 5 of his 6 children
Hephaestus *god of fire and metalworking *legends said he lived in volcanoes
Demeter *goddess of all growing things * gave the gift of grain and fig trees to humans *Persephone’s mother
Poseidon *god of sea, earthquakes, and tidal waves *could be calm and gentle,or rough and dangerous *could raise or calm storms with his three prong trident (spear)
Narcissus * a mortal *extremely vain, exceptionally good looking *fell in love with his own reflection
Persephone *daughter of Demeter *taken by Hades to Underworld *Zeus sent Hermes to bring her back * she had to return to Hades a few months each year *while she was there things died in sorrow (winter)
Created by: jutobr