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Mrs. L ch. 8 l. 1-2

Chapter 8 Lesson 1-2 vocab Mrs. L Greek

What is a peninsula? Is a body of land nearly surrounded by water.
What is a harbor? Is a sheltered placealong a coast where boats safely dock.
What is the Mediterranean Sea? Is where the ancient Greeks developed a civilization.
What is Crete? Is the biggest island that lies south of Greece.
What is Rhodes? Is an island that lies east of Crete and near what is Turkey now days.
What is Attica? Is a wedge-shaped peninsula that juts into the Mediterranean Sea.
What is Peloponnesus? Is a large peninsula that lies southwest of Attica. It is Shaped like a giant hand.
What is Phoenicia? Is where Greek merchants competed with traderss which is today Known as Lebanon.
What is a polis? Is the Greek word for a city-state.
What is Acropolis? Is a hill in ancient Athens that became a religious place and a meeting place.
What is an agora? Is used as a marketplace and asa meeting place in Greek cities.
What is a citizen? In ancient Greece were only men.
What is an oligarchy? Is a type of government that a small group of the richest most powerful citizens control the decision making.
What is a monarchy? Is a type of government that is ruled by one ruler or king.
What is democracy? Is when large groups of citizens take part in desicion making for the polis.
What is a colony? (in Greece) Is a group of people who live apart from Greece.
Who was Homer? Is a person who wrote many stories of poetry that described stories of Greece's past. He is an epic poet.
What is Athens? Is a city-stae (polis)in Attica that hade a oligarchy government.
What is Sparta? Is the largest city-state (polis) in Greece that is in Peloponnesus.
What is Mount Olympus? Is were ancient Greeks believed that many gods and goddesses lived and ruled.
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