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Concepts I

Critical Thinking & Nursing Process

Nursing Process is defined as a Framework for the organization of individualized nursing care
On admission, the patient who should receive a focused assessment is 53-year old admitted with a perforated ulcer
The subjectivie data(data from pt.)the nurse records following a head-to-toe examination would be Prolonged Nausea
Objective data (nurse) the nurse would include after a pt. assessment would be Flatulence e.g.excessive gas in stomach & intestines.
When a pt. is admitted an is unable to provide data during assessment, information provided by the family is classified as Secondary
The two primary methods used to collect data are Interview and Physical examination
2 nursing diag. 1- Inadequate nutritional intake r/t vomiting m/b 3 lbs wt. loss. and 2. risk for impaired skin integrity r/t inadequate nutrition. The major diff. between the 2 diag. is that diag. 2 Reflects a problem that does not yet exist
Establishment of priorities of care during the planning phase of the nursing process often uses the framework of who Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Appropriate outcome statement for a pt. w/a nursing diag. of Ineffective airway clearance r/t thick secretions would be that the pt. will Increase intake to 1000 mL dail to liquefy sectetions.
Created by: Sheenab