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HSK Level A Vocab

Han Yu Shui Ping Kao Shi

ye also
ren person
nv woman
shi ten
li power
ri sun
mu mother
mei every
hai sea
yong use
ban half
li benefit
sheng life
xing surname
xing star
xian ahead
gao inform
xi wash
he what
dian electricity
xin xin
hou rear
zhao look for
da hit
dui correct
shu tree
nan male
li in
li reason
tong same
bi inevitably
xiang appearance
xiang think about
si think
jin now
nian to study
nian year
mei not
chuang bed
chang long
zhang sheet
ti body
shu book
wei to stand
deng lamp
zhan station
dian speck
dian store
guo fruit
ke # of trees
ke lesson
gu former
hu lake
ka card
hai still
kan look at
tao ask for
hui return
jie receive
zhao catch
neng neng
zuo do
zuo yesterday
zuo left
zuo sit
you right
jian see
xian the present
guan observe
zai again
nei inside
rou meat
liang a couple
liang # of cars
man full
ta it
bi compared with
qie to cut
hao good
Created by: EWHS-Mandarin
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