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Session 3 Pharm- 7

Pharm -7- toxicology

You have just finished tx a patient for a drug overdose and they are now stable what do you need to monitor them for now rebound and clinical toxicity
What are some common intentional poisonings acetaminophen, benzos, opiods, and sedative
What are some common unintentional poisonings opioids, cocaine, heroin, acetaminophen, benzos
What is the toxic metabolite of acetaminophen N-acetyl-para-benzoquinoneimine NAPQI
What reacts with NAPQI (toxic metabolite of acetaminophen) to deactivate it Glutathione (GSH)
What does NAPQI (toxic metabolite of acetaminophen) attack causes hepatotoxicity and damage to renal tubular cells
What are the two things you can administer in an acetaminophen overdose to help tx the pt activated charcoal if recent overdose and N-acetylcystein (NAC) a precurson of glutathione
what profound S/E can occur from acetaminophen overdose liver injury, metabloic acidosis, hypoglycemia, renal failure, and pancreatitis
patient has wernicke-korsakoff syndrome what have they likely abused alcohol EtOH
Why should women avoid ethanol during pregnancy it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome marked by mental retardation, growth deficiencies, microcephaly, underdevlopment of midface region
You want to encourage your patient to stop drinking EtOH so you prescribe the a drug that will make drinking very unpleasant what did you prescribe them and what is it's MOA Disulfiram- inhibits acetaldehyde dehydrogenase
You need to treat the withdrawal symptoms of a Pt who has just entered your alcohol detox clinic what med will you prescribe to help them if they are delerious and seizing benzo
What drug can you prescribe an EtOH withdrawal pt who is suffering sx of tremors low dose beta blocker Propranolol to control tremors and reduce heart rate and B/P
Pt has succesfuly finished detox for EtOH and you want to help keep them clean what drug can you prescribe that lowers the activity of receptors for glutamate that helps with maintenace of abstienence Acamprosate
What is a major complication of ethylene glycol intoxication that you can detect in the urine calcium oxalate crystalluria
What is the antidote for ethylene glycol or methanol intoxication Fomepizole if they have a lot of money or Ethanol (lesser of two evils)
What are the s/sx of organophosphate poisoning Diaphoresis, Diarrhea, Urination, Myosis, Bradycardia, Excitation, Lacrimation, Sweating, Salivation
What is the MOA of organophosphates as a poison (parathion, malathion) They are irreversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
What are the antidotes for organophospahte poisoning atropine-competitive inhibition of acetylcholine actions at muscarinic receptors and Pralidoxime (2-PAM) breaks the covalent bond between organophosphate and acetylchoinesterase
What are the s/sx that a pt will have if they overdosed on an anticholinergic dry as bone, red as a beet, hot as a pistol, blind as a bat, mad as a hatter
What is the antidote fore a pt who overdosed on anticholinergic Physostigmine
What are some common anticholinergics that pt overdose on Benztropine, antihistamines, phenothiazines, jimson weed, Mushrooms (amanita muscaria)
What is the tx for lead poisoning tx seizures with benzos, cortiocsteroids to reduce intracranial pressure, whole bowel irrigation and chealtion with EDTA and Dimecaprol
What is the tx for arsenic poisoning dimecaprol if given promptly
What has your pt been poisoned with if they present with garlic breath and rice water stools Arsenic
What can you give for a pt who has overdosed on Iron deferoxamine mesylate
What is the antidote for cyanide poisoning Nitrite
What would you give to treat withdrawal of opiates methadone or buprenorphine (subutex)
What is the date rape drug flunitrazepam
What is the antidote for benzodiazepine toxication flumazenil
Pt has tea colored urine what have they likely overdosed on cocaine
what is the bad metabolite formed when pt combines cocaine with alcohol cocaethylene
what is the antidote for snake bites crotaline polyvalent fab
Created by: smaxsmith
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