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Science chap.25

Conservation of Natural Resources

acid rain precipitation, as rain, snow, or sleet, containing relatively high concentrations of acid-forming chemicals, as the pollutants from coal smoke, chemical manufacturing, and smelting, that have been released into the atmosphere and combined with water vapor
conservation using natural resources in ways that restore them, prevent their waste, and preserve the natural balance of organisms
contour plowing grooves are made across slopes along their curves
erosion the process by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, winds, waves, etc
fallow plowed and left unseeded for a season or more
fertilizer any substance used to enrich the soil
global warming an increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect.
greenhouse effect an atmospheric heating phenomenon, caused by short-wave solar radiation being readily transmitted inward through the earth's atmosphere but longer-wavelength heat radiation less readily transmitted outward
natural balance population equilibrium among organisms and their environments resulting from continuous interaction and interdependency.
natural resources the natural wealth of a country, consisting of land, forests, mineral deposits, water, etc.
nitrogen cycle the continuous flow of nitrogen through the biosphere by the processes of nitrogen fixation, ammonification (decay), nitrification, and denitrification. Nitrogen is vital to all living matter, both plant and animal; it is an essential constituent of amino
nitrogen fixation process as performed by certain bacteria found in the nodules of leguminous plants, which make the resulting nitrogenous compounds available to their host plants
nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced
ozone In the upper atmosphere, it absorbs ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing them from reaching the surface of the earth.
pollution the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment
recycle to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse
renewable resources can be replaced
rotation of crops the system of varying successive crops in a definite order on the same ground, esp. to avoid depleting the soil and to control weeds, diseases, and pests
smog smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture
strip cropping the growing of different crops on alternate strips of ground that usually follow the contour of the land, a recourse to minimize erosion
terraces a nearly level strip of land with a more or less abrupt descent along the margin of the sea, a lake, or a river
topsoil the fertile, upper part of the soil
water cycle the movement of water through the ecosystem
windbreaks a growth of trees, a structure of boards, or the like, serving as a shelter from the wind
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