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pols (names)

ppl on pols final

"the american voter" campbell et al
challenges to minimalism (did study) 1.lane 2.nie et al 3. sniderman
found that boring election=boring, more ideology the election=more ideology the ppl nie et all
said we use short cuts sniderman
said as long as we have divisions of labor then its good sniderman
had problem with minimalist study zaller and feldman
"nature of belief systems" converse
found that we had 5-clear cut categories converse
found ppl had latent idology lane
talked to factory workers lane
"voice and equality" vierbia et al
replaced ques with heaustics sniderman
said parties prevented artificial agreeance madison
hated parties washington
said ppl were layers (it is not black and white) zaller and feldman
believe ppl are internally conflicted zaller and feldman
"bowling alone" ronald putman
understands why we are study (b/c we do not participate in grps ronald putman
says your vote does not mean the same, ppl with money matter, and ppl who have money participate verba et al
looked at PID/canidate evaluation/issue positions campbell et al
said it is irration to join large interest groups mancur olsen
our countries 1st carl rose van buren
loved ppl organizing van buren
loved parties van buren
said parties are bad, but inevitable madison
Created by: fall2011