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definitions for final

positive or neg slant of reporting spin
put everybody into two camps synthsize interest
media and news look at issues from one stand point but not another framing
outside-show up only when motivated by short-term factors pheripheral voters
dont feel like i make a diference disenfrachisment
affect the issues and problems ppl think about agenda setting
monitoring our govt public surviellence
media affect the standards we use to evaluate ppl and problems (shape the way ppl think) pres priming
makes us feel like we are part of whats going on and we live vicariously thought the media public surviellance
act of providing goods, sevices, the organization and expertise required to put into any action any policy that has become law. execution of that policy implementation
congres tells them how to do something and they have to decide how to do it administrative disgretion
performance of routine task associated with a specif policy goal administration
the making of rules by an administrative body that clarify and interpret, its enforcement and the adjustification of disputes about it regulation
how we measure what you know is public opinion
doing what pres wants pres acquienceance
Created by: fall2011