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final notes

latent ideology lane
divisions of labor sniderman
"voice and equality" vierba et al
not same, money matters "voice and equality"
2 camps synthesize interest
act as issue grps 3rd party
legislatures pig
internally conflicted zaller and feldman
converse nature of belief systems
1 stand point framing
minialists "american voter"
shortcuts sniderman
administration routine task
heaustics sniderman
prevent artificial agreeance madison
provide info interest grps
simplify bill interest grps
inclusive membership public int grps
big groups cant cohourse free rider
ideologues converse
near ideologues converse
group adherance converse
nature of times converse
no interest converse
look at u.s. voter lane
problem with minimalist study zaller and feldmn
layers zaller and feldman
old people vote
core vote
peripheral vote
ppl with money vote
educated ppl vote
disenfranchisement obstacles
distance obstacles
registration obstacles
illiterate obstacles
elements obstacles
where to vote obstacles
who can vote obstacles
media coverage obstacles
politics is like sausage obstacles
ballot construction obstacles
public surveillance what press do
private surveillance what press do
screening and interpretation what press do
provide info what press do
agenda setting what press do
priming what press do
framing what press do
spin biaceys in media
selectoin bias biaceys in media
Created by: fall2011