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Mr.G Sci9-Astronomy

Getting ahead start on Mr. Gillinghams Science Exams

The oval path on which our Earth cutss an imaginery slice through the solar system? the plane of the elliptic
The sun's brightest rays? the zenith
The Earths rotational axis? 23.5 degrees
The tilt of the Earth causes the Earth to have_________? seasons
Latitude: As far north as the Sun's zenith will ever reach 23.5 N
T of F: The sun's most direct rays reach Chilliwack once a year? False
As the dead of our winter, the sun's most direct rays are on the Tropic of _________? Capricorn
The theory that the sun is the center of the solar system. Heliocentric model
The early universe was mainly this element? hydrogen
Galaxies speeding away from each other is upport for this theory. Big Bang
The stretching of light waves is called _____________? red shift
red shifts supports what theory? Big Bang
Type of radiation that comes off black holes as they swallow other star. Gamma Rays
in ROYGBIV the least powerful light is this color. Red
A collection of gas and dust particles nebula
T or F: Planets with solid surfaces form farthest from the sun. false
T or F: Planets with gaseous surfaces form farthest from the sun. true
To be a planet, a space chunk must have its own __________________ around the sun. orbital path
T or F: Blue stars occupy the arms of a sprial galaxy. true
T or F: Yellow stars burn hotter than blue stars. false
T or F: Red stars are older than blue stars. true
At death, our sun will become a __________________? white dwarf
When our sun expands to engulf Mercury it will have a hydrogen, helium or carbon core? helium
When all the hydrogen in our sun is gone, the star will become a ____________________? red giant
After the stream of dust ours off a red giant, the star becomes a _________________? white dwarf
Streams of dust from red giants will eventually gravitate together to form a ________? nebula
Nearing the end of a 20 solar star mass will have a ______ core. carbon
T or F: A 20 solar mass stars will not contract after fusion of helium begins. False
T or F: A 20 solar mass stars will produce elements heavier than iron. true
The spectacular death off a high mass star. supernova
Spectacular star death only occurs in stars of solar mass ____ or higher. 10
A neutron star that sends out a rotating beam of radio waves. pulsar
A 20 solar mass star will leave behind a ______. neutron star
A 50 solar mass star will leave behind a ______. black hole
Expansion and contraction cycles of high mass stars are important because they produce______________________. elements
T or F: Supernovas created the materials for solar systems. true
Stars orginnally formed from collasping________. nebulas
______________formed whe stars blasted out materials . planets/ solar systems
Today galaxies continue to move away or ________________. red shift
Created by: joebana