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Indoor Pollutants


Chloroform water is treated with chlorine. Emitted from showerheads and faucets. HIgh doses linked to cancer.
Particulates pollen, pet dander, dust mites,roach feces, smoke and other particles suspended in air. Linked to irritated lungs, asthma, itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches.
Asbestos insulation, vinyl ceiling and floor tiles. causes lung disease and lung cancer
Carbon monoxide faulty furnices, unvented gas stoves, woodstoves, causes headaches, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat and eventually death.
Radon Radioactive soil and rock-enters homes and water supply. High doses linked to lung cancer.
Styrene Carpets and plastics. Can cause kidney and liver damage.
Formaldehyde foam insulation, furniture stuffing, particleboard. Irritates eyes, throat, skin, lungs and causes nausea, dizziness.
Tobacco Smoke cigarettes. Leads to lung cancer, respiratory ailments and heart disease.
Tetrachloroethylene dry-cleaning fluid that leaves fumes on clothing. Linked to nerve disorders, liver and kidney damage and cancer.
Nitrogen oxides woodstoves, unvented gas stoves. irrated lungs, headaches, childrens colds.
Para-dichlorobenzene airfresheners. linked to cancer.
Reasons indoor air pollution is greater health risk than outdoor air pollution... levels of pollutant anywhere from 2-200x higher inside, most people spend 70-98% of time inside, pollution inside cars in high traffic areas 18x higher than outdoors.
3 top indoor air pollutants in developed countries... 1. VOCs brought into the house/office from new products and furnishings 2. Biological sources (dander, molds, etc.) from HVAC systems and pets 3. Environmental tobacco smoke
3 top indoor air pollutants in developing countries... 1.combustible products due to the inadequate ventilation of cooking fires.high levels of CO, NO2 and S02 2. particulate matter due to lack of regulation for daily processes at ground level outside and the open-air style of living 3 Environmental tobacco s
Created by: sallywentzell
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