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AP Gov


Enforced 14th Amendment, ended Jim Crown segregation in hotels, motels, public places, prohibited discrimation in employment on bases of race, color, relgion, gender, THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964
Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commisssion to monitor and enforce protections again job discrimination, Upheld by the Supreme Court on the grounds that segregation affected interstate commerce THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964
Outlawed literacy tests/other discriminatory practices for African Americans, provided fed oversight of voter registration-areas with history of discrminatory voting practices-improved voter registration disparity between whites & african americans THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965
Increased the power of the fed govt relative to power of state govt,established natnl air quality standards, required states to administer new standards/funds to implement, allowed citizens to sue others and corporations that violated this act THE CLEAN AIR ACT (1970)
Enacted to give Congress a greater voice in presidential decisions committing military to hostile situations overseas,requires that president notify Congress -48 hrs of deploying troops, requires pres bring home troops 60-90 days unless Congress extends. THE WAR POWERS RESOLUTION (1973)
Enacted to help Congress regain powers previously lost to Executive branch, created the Congressional Budget Office(CBO) to evaluate Pres Budget, est. budget process that includes setting overall revenue and expenditures levels THE BUDGET AND IMPOUNDMENT CONTROL ACT OF 1974
Created the Federal Election Commission,tightened reporting requirments for campaign contributions, provided full public financing for major party candidates in the general election. THE FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGAN ACT (1974)
Increased the power of the federal government relative to the power of the states, requires employers and public facilities to make "reasonable accomadations"for people with disabilities.Prohibits discrimination again people with disabilities. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (1990)
Increased power of the states relative to the federal govt, replaced-Aid to Families with Dependent Children program with block grants to the states, illustrated process of devolution-giving states greater discretion to implement welfare to work program WELFARE REFORM ACT (1996)
Requires states to set standards and measurable goals that can improve individual outcomes in education, requires states-develop assessments in basic skills-given to all students in certain grades, represents dramatic expansion of fed role in education. NO CHILD LEF BEHIND ACT (2001)
Expands the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorim, authorized searches of a home or business without the owner's permission or knowledge, increases the ability of law enforcement to search telephone, email, medical and financial records USA PATRIOT ACT (2001)
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