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Social Studies ch 4

commute* to travel to work
megalopolis* a number of cities and suburbs that blend into one very large urban area
population density* the average number of people per square mile or square kilometer
petrochemical* a substance such as plastic or paint that is made from petroleum
industrialization* the process of building new industries in an area dominated by farming
sun belt* an area of the united states stretching from the southern Atlantic coast to the California coast
mixed-crop farm* a farm that grows several different kinds of crops
recession a decline in business activity and economic prosperity
corporate farm* a large farm that is run by a corporation, or an agricultural company
forty-niner* the nickname for a miner who took part in the California Gold Rush of 1849
responsible development balancing the needs of the environment, community, and economy
mass trait* a system of subways, buses, and commuter trains used to transport large numbers of people
Created by: Kayla1