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6th gr moon

a journey or trip voyage
the pull that makes the moon rotate around Earth gravitational pull
a development of something formation
the outer or top layer surface
a deep and wide hole crater
searching for a new discovery exploration
to cast a shadow eclipse
a steady progression movement
an affect of a water source in the form of waves and floods tide
the air and space around us atmosphere
covers Moon's surface dust
distance from Moon to Earth 239,000
why we float on the Moon low gravity
causes the tides Moon's gravitational pull
makes up the Moon gases and dust
nighttime temperature on Moon -247 degrees
daytime temperature on Moon 225 degrees
how many years old is the Moon 4.5 billion
largest object in the night sky Moon
where the Moon gets its light Sun
how far Moon is to Earth 239,000
Earth's closest neighbor in space Moon
how many days it takes the Moon to orbit Earth 28
the Moon spins in _________ with the Earth, so the same side always faces the Earth lockstep
when the Moon passes through Earth's shadow lunar eclipse
causes craters on the Moon asteroids
landed on the Moon on July 21, 1969 Apollo 11
Created by: fhershey