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Musical Appreciation

Red Priest Vivaldi
Four Seasons Vivaldi
20 Children Bach
Best organist of his day. Bach
Musical Family Bach
30 minutes of church music composed weekly. Bach
Wrote Toccata in D minor Bach
Loved in england Handel
Buried in Westminster alley Handel
Wrote Hallelujah Chorus, king stood and created the tradition for standing during its playing. Handel
Comic Opera Pergolesi
Harpsichord specialist Scarlatti
Boy choir expulsion due to voice change Haydn
Worked for the Esterházy family Haydn
Each performer he directed blew out a candle and stopped playing till all that was left was this person and his first violinist. Haydn
Most gifted musician of all time. Mozart
Wrote his own Requiem for a masked man to get money. Mozart
Wife sold his music after his death to get life together. Mozart
Alcoholic, in debt, and loved the "punch" Mozart
Wrote Turkish March Mozart
Wrote autobiographic journals about his life. Beethoven
Slowly became stone deaf through his life Beethoven
Father alcoholic and abusive Beethoven
Fell in love with his brothers wife and had a child with her. Beethoven
Wrote the Fifth Symphony and Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
Schubertians were his followeres Schubert
Pallbearer for Beethoven Schubert
Wrote Ava Maria Schubert
Poet of the piano Chopin
Polish and French parents Chopin
Brought back Bach's St. Matthews Passion Mendelssohn
Least hardship or torment Mendelssohn
Wrote Wedding March Mendelssohn
Wedding March is what? Recessional
Hurt his ring finger trying to exercise it Schumann
Wrote Journals and Periodicals, after being a pianist Schumann
Married Clara Wieck Schumann
Mentally ill, tried to commit suicide and ended up in an asylum. Schumann
Wrote Carnaval Schumann
Performed without sheet music Clara Wieck
Schuman is this persons mentor Brahms
In love with his mentors wife, Clara Wieck. Brahms
Writes Lullaby Brahms
Falls in love with a character portrayed by an actress and marries her for it. Berlioz
Raised in the Esterházy palace Liszt
Studied the great artist Paganini Liszt
Greatest Pianist of all time Liszt
Started the tradition of performing sideways Liszt
Married Liszts daughter Wagner
Participated in art, politics, and life. Wagner
Socially acted like a very young child with his personality. Wagner
Wrote the Bridal Chorus Wagner
Bridal Chorus is what? Processional
Performed at Carnegie Hall Tchaikovsky
Created the Nut Cracker Ballet suite Tchaikovsky
Covered his homosexuality by marrying a woman, unhappily. Attempted suicide. Tchaikovsky
Financially supported by Frau Von Meck. Tchaikovsky
Wrote songs about paintings Mussorgsky
From Bohemia, which is modern Czech Slovakia. Dvorak
Brought back African and Indian Music. Dvorak
Only one step ahead of his students whom he taught composition to Rimsky-Korsakov
Became tired of playing a song that everyone like him performing. Rachmaninoff
The only impressionism artist covered. Debussy
Influenced by things around him Vaugh-William
Born in Vienna. Created the Twelve Tone System. Schoenberg
Wrote Firebird and Rite of Spring. Stravinsky
A riot was started at the performance of one of this composers works. Vindicated a year later. Stravinsky
"No one ever talked to me about music, I discovered it on my own." Copland
Decided to begin composing at the age of fifteen. Copland
Born in the USA and played all types of music. Copland
The March King. Sousa
Was the Marine Band Director Sousa
Wrote Stars and Stripes forever Sousa
Money from the song Stars and Stripes forever is permanently locked in to give money to what organization? The Boy Scouts of America
Famous in the United States. Berlin
What song withstood the longest time at #1 on the charts? White Christmas
What is Nationalism? Pride in your country.
What time period encompasses the Baroque era? 1600-1750
What time period encompasses the Classical era? 1725-1800
What time period encompasses the Romantic era? 1825-1900
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