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Top 30 supreme court

top thirty supreme court cases in the AP Gov exam

Case description
Reynolds vs. US case that stated that religious duty was not a suitable defense for criminal indictment
Marbury vs. Madison Case that first established the supreme court's power of judicial review
McCulloch vs. Maryland court case that established the national government supremacy over state governments
Gibbons vs. Ogden Supreme court case that interpreted the commerce clause to give congress the power to regulate the economy
Engel vs. Vitale Case in which the state official violated the First Amendment' establishment clause by creating a state wide school prayer
Lemon vs. Kurtzman Supreme court decision that established the the lemon test 1 secular legislative purpose 2 primary effect that neither advances nor inhibits religion 3 no excessive government entanglement
Oregon vs. Smith a United States Supreme Court case that determined that the state could deny unemployment benefits to a person fired for violating a state prohibition on the use of peyote, even though the use of the drug was part of a religious ritual
Schenck vs US court case that established the governments power to limit speech if there is a clear and present danger
New York Times vs Sullivan Case that established that statements about public figures are libelous only if it was made with malice and reckless disregard of the truth
Roth vs US Case that ruled that obscenity is not protected by the first amendment
Tinker vs Des Moines case in which students were suspended from school by wearing black armbands protesting the Vietnam war. Supreme court held that it violated first amendment right saying freedom of speech went beyond spoken word
Texas vs. Johnson Supreme court case in which took away the law banning the burning of an american flag because the burning of the flag is symbolic speech protected by the first amendment
Barron vs. Baltimore Supreme court case that stated that the Bill of rights only applied to the national government
Gitlow vs. New York Supreme court case that held the freedom of speech and press to be protected by the due process clause of the Fourteenth amendment and cannot be taken away by the states or federal government
Mapp vs Ohio Supreme court case that ruled that the Fourth amendments protection against unreasonable searches and seizures extends to the state and national government
Gideon vs Wainwright Supreme Court case were it was established that anyone accused of a felony has a right to a lawyer by the sixth amendment
Miranda vs, Arizona supreme court case that established the guidelines for police questioning to prevent the accused of committing self incrimination
Dred Scott vs Stanford Supreme court court case that said a slave that had escaped had no rights as a citizen and congress had no authority to ban slavery
Plessy vs Ferguson supreme court case that established that separate but equal was constitutional
Brown vs Board of education supreme court case that sated school segregation was unconstitutional because it violated 14th amendments guarantee of equal protection
Regents of the University of California vs Bakka case that made it so universities cannot admit students solely based on their race
Grutter vs Bollinger case that approves race as one factor in college admissions
Griswold vs Connecticut established the right to privacy
Roe vs Wade court decision that held that a state ban on all abortions was unconstitutional
Baker vs Carr districts of lower state legislatures must be based on the number of people living in them "one person one vote"
Westburry vs Sanders case that made congressional districts equal in population
Korematsu vs US case that held the internment of Americans of Japanese decent constitutional
US vs Nixon case that up held that executive privileges is constitutional but cannot be extended to protect documents relevant to criminal prosecutions
Buckley vs Valeo case that said it was constitutional to spend unlimited amounts of your own money to support your campaign
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