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volcanoe and earthquake test

whats a composite volcanoe? a volcanoe thats in between the cinder cone volcano and shield volcanoe
Whats a hot spot? place between the mantle and core thats really hot and can form volcanoes
Whats a volcanoe? an opening in the earth that erupts gases,ash and lava
whats a vent? opening of a volcanoe
what are secondary waves seismograph waves with small magnitudes and arent as fast as primary waves
Whats a primary wave? waves that cause particles in rocks to move back and forth and has the largest magnitude and is the fastest siesmic wave
Whats the epicenter? the point directly above the focus
What are surface waves? seismic wave that moves back and forth side to side and is the slowest and goes in a rotating motion..causes most damage
Wahts the modified mercalli scale? measures intensity of an earthquake
Whats the richter scale? scale that measures the magnitude of earthquakes
whats the seismograph? measures the magnitude of earthquakes
Whats an earthquake? vibrations from breaking of rock
Whats a fault? break in earths crust
whats the focus? point where energy of the earthqauke is first realeased
Whats a shield volcanoe? a broad volcano with gentle slopes
Whats tephra? bits of rock and solidified magma dropped from the air
Whats a cinder cone volcanoe? a pointed volcanoe with steep sides that are loosely packed with tephra
Whats a crater? steep depression in volcano
What are the 3 types of plates? Transform,divergent and convergent
What happens during an earthquake? the plates are either grinding on eachother or coming apart or sliding ontop eachother
What are the 3 types of faults and what do they do? reverse-convergent,hanging wall goes upnormal-divergent,hanging wall goes downstrike slip-plates slide back and forth sideways
Where do earthquakes occur? all plate boundaries and fault areas
What determines the magnitude of earthquakes? the seismic waves (s-wave,p-wave or surface wave)
whats the difference between the richter scale and the modified mercalli scale? richter-measures magnitude,more precise,doesnt depend on opinion,has to do with seismic wavesMercalli-general,opinion based,intenisty,description,could vary
how do volcanoes form? when plates move apart magma rises up through the cracks and builds up eveuntually makind a volcanoe..the same type of thing could happen at a subduction zone
what are some ways that humans and the environment are affected by volcanos and earthquakes? they destroy homes,businesses,change landscape,acid rain death and other stuff
factors that control eruption the silica in lava/magma,gases in lava& shape of volcanoes
layers of earth inner core-solid,outer core-liquid,mantle-liquid and solid,crust-solid
where do volcanoes occur? convergent and divergent plates,hotspots(rocks r forced upward to crust where it melts partially
What are the three types of volcanoes? shield,cinder cone and composite
How is a shield volcanoe formed? by layers of magma building up
How is a cindercone volcano made? by tephra which loosely packs on the sides
how is a composite volcano made? from alt. layers of lava and tephra
Created by: VaLeRiA!