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Indian vocab

Indian vocab flascards

What is buddism and how did it start? Buddism is a religion and it started by a person named Siddhartha Gautama.
What are the main social hierarchy in the Indian pyramid? Delits, sudras, vasayas, ksatryas and brenhman.
indian is a ___continet sub
what is south of india Indian ocean
What is Hinduism? Hinduism is a religion
What is one key fact that was in chapter 6.4? Meditate
when was Siddhartha Gautama born? around 400 B.C.
What continent is India in? Asia
wheres the Indus valley india
Buddhists is the __ largest religion in the world. 4th
A _____ prince Hindu
The king was held from the palace to see the _____ people. Poor,sick,sad
when the king was about __ years old... 30
He tried to find the ____ about the life. truth
Buddha means the ________________ enlightend one
what does enlightenment mean? a state of perfect wisdom
Buddha accepted the Hindu idea of _____ karma
To gain enlightenment the Buddha advised people to follow the ______way, a way of accepting the four truths. middle
The four noble truths dukkha, samudaya, nidora and magga
The eightfold path belief, purpose, speech, conduct, livehood, effort, mindfulness and meditation
nirvana is a state of perfect _____ peace
5 precepts do not harm any living things, do not steal, avoid overstimulation, do not say inking things, do not take drugs.
another name for Buddhist is? monasteries
how did Buddhism spread? word from missionaries
Aryans are? wise men and women
Chandra guptas grandson is? ashoka
Chandra Gupta was the first ___________ Gupta ruler
what are the four VIPs of india C.G., Ayrans, buddha, Ashoka
Hinduism symbol 0m
Hinduism is one of the worlds ______ religions oldest
how many nearly people follow the Hindu religion 900 million
Hinduism Is the ____ largest religion in the world 3rd
vedas sacred songs that became the foundation of hinduism
(true or false) Hindus believe in a few gods false
subcontinet a large landmass that is smaller than a continent
sanskrit The most important language in Ancient India
hinduism Oldest and largest religion in India.
caste system Social structure determined by a person’s birth, wealth, or occupation.
vedas Any of the oldest Hindu sacred texts, composed in Sanskrit and gathered into four collections.
reincarnation process of rebirth
karma The effects that good or bad actions have on a persons soul
ahisma The practice of non-violence.
buddhism A religion based on the teachings of Buddha.
four noble truths Four principles that are the heart of Buddha's teachings.
nirvana A state of perfect peace.
maurayan empire a dynasty that ruled from 321 to 185 BCE from NE India to most of N and Central India.
Gupta dynasty an ancient Indian empire from 320 to 550 CE and covered much of north India.
what civilization started in 3000 B.C. Harappan
who died in 480 B.C. gautama
when does the harapaan civilization decline? 2000 B.C.
when was the caste system utiilized? 1500 B.C.
in 1500 B.C. the aryans did what? invade the indus valley
when was siddhartha gautama born? 560 B.C.
when does buddistsm develop? 500 B.C.
buddhsm is a _______ religion popular
budhist is a what a religion
S.G. stands for siddartha guatma
it originated ____ years ago in India 2,500
Buddhists believe that the human life is one of ________, and that meditation... suffering
narvana means a state of perfect peace
Created by: Jack-Jack69
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