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CADD-2 Lesson 11

Architecture Chap. 17 - 23 Electrical Plans, Roof Plans, & Elevations

How many Amps of Electrical Service should a single family residence be equipped with? 200 Amps
What type of Dimensions does are the primary measurements shown on an Elevation? Vertical or Height Dimensions.
According to standard code requirements, Duplex Outlets should be placed a maximum of how many feet apart in standard living areas? 12 ft.
According to standard code requirements, Duplex Outlets are required to be how far apart on Kitchen countertops? 4 ft.
How high should a standard electrical switch be located above the finished floor? 4 ft.
According to standard code requirements, Duplex Outlets should be placed a maximum of how many feet from the corner of a wall in standard living areas? 6 ft.
The exterior covering of a structure. Facade
The uppermost area of two intersecting roof planes. Ridge
The exterior views of a structure. Elevation
The lower part of the roof that projects from the wall. Eave
Most building codes require outdoor outlets to be what type? GFI and Weatherproof.
Most building codes require bathroom outlets to be what type? GFI (Ground Fault Interupter)
The recommended total area of ventilator openings in the attic space should be how much? Minimum 1/300th of the ceiling area.
What are the three major appliances that require wiring for a 220 volt receptacles? Hot Water Heater, Oven, and Clothes Dryer.
How much area does a "square" of shingles cover? 100 sq. ft.
What is the minimum roof pitch required with most building codes that allows you to use fiberglass or asphalt shingles? 4/12
When developing Electrical plans, place the switch on which side of the door? The Latch Side.
When dimensioning an elevation the vertical distance for the ceiling height should be measured from where? The finished floor line.
Which roof style is the most common because of it's adaptability to a wide variety of architectural styles? Gable Roof.
A Gambrel Roof is also known as what? A Barn Roof.
What is a small Gable shaped roof used to divert water from behind a chimney called? A Saddle.
A roof type with two sloping surfaces that intersect at the ridge of a structure. Gable
A roof type with four sloping sides. Hip
A type of roof formed with two planes on each side of the ridge. The lower pitch is steeper than the upper portion of the roof. Gambrel
A roof with very minimal roof pitch, usually less than 1/12. Flat
Similar to a flat roof with but with a slight more pitch, less than 12/4 used to cover porches. Shed
Small gable projection from a roof to allow naturally light into the upper level of a 1-1/2 story structure. Dormer
A channel at the edge of the eave for collecting rainwater from the roof. Gutter
A pipe that carries rainwater from the roof to the ground. Downspout
Metal (usually thin) used to prevent water from leaking through surface intersections. Flashing
A pipe that extends above the roof that allows air to reach the plumbing pipes. Must be located on the Roof Plan. Vent pipes.
The part of the chimney that creates the draft that allows the smoke to escape the chimney. Flue.
A combination of a Hip roof and a Gable Roof on the same roof slope. Dutch Hip.
A hip roof having two slopes on each side Mansard
The underside of a structure of the eave or overhang. Soffit.
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