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7Sci Chapter 18 Sec1

Forces & Motion - Gravity & Motion

the path of one object around another in space orbit
an unbalanced force that causes objects to move in a circular path centripetal force
the motion of a body when only gravity acts on it free fall
the curved path of a thrown object near Earth's surface projectile motion
the constant velocity of a falling object when the force of gravity is balanced by air resistance terminal velocity
the force that opposes the motion of objects through the air air resistance
If a baseball and a cannonball are dropped from the same height at the same time, which ball will hit the ground first? The balls land at the same time.
What feature does NOT affect air resistance? its chemical properties
If a baseball and a cannonball are dropped from the same height at the same time, which will hit the ground first? The balls land at the same time.
Why do astronauts in space appear weightless? They are in free fall.
In what direction is a projectile accelerated? vertically downward
Is the reaction force of a chair you are sitting on equal to your weight. Yes
What is a common unbalanced force acting on objects in motion? friction
When a train increases its velocity, does its momentum increase or decrease? increases
A car with a mass of 1,400 kg moves along the ice with a constant velocity of 18.0 m/s. What is the car's momentum? 25,200 kg m/s
When a bowling ball collides with a bowling pin, does the momentum increase or decrease? decreases slightly
If a moving boxcar gently collides with a boxcar at rest and the boxcars move together, what will their combined momentum be? equal to the original momentum of the moving boxcar
The law of conservation of momentum states that when two objects collide, what happens to their combined momentum? remains the same after the collision
If an action force is a cue ball hitting a billiard ball, then the reaction force is exerted on which billiard ball? By the billiard ball on the cue ball
How does the velocity of a falling object change over time? the object falls faster and farther each second than it did the second before
What is the rate at which objects fall toward Earth? 9.8 m/s2
What is the symbol for change in velocity? Δv
What is the symbol for time the object takes to fall? t
What is the symbol for acceleration due to gravity? g
Why would a flat piece of paper take longer to fall than a crumpled piece of paper? air resistance
When does a falling object stop accelerating? at terminal velocity
What is the only force on an object in free fall? gravity
Where is the path of an orbiting spacecraft? curved path following curve of Earth
Where is the path of spacecraft in freefall due to gravity? straight down toward Earth
Where is the path of the spacecraft without gravity? straight line forward
How many directions make up projectile motion? two
What is vertical motion? motion that is perpendicular to the ground
Created by: ndmsteach