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Food and Drink

Vocabulary Topic Four

食品 shipin food
杂货 zahuo groceries
猪肉 zhurou pork
果汁 guozhi fruit juice
yu fish
牛肉 niurou beef
可口可乐 kekoukele coco cola
xia shrimp
羊肉 yangrou mutton
汽水 qishui soft drink
dan egg
ji chicken
水果 shuiguo fruit
mi rice, meter
ya duck
苹果 pingguo apple
mian wheat flour
啤酒 pijiu beer
li pear
饼干 binggan biscuit
白酒 baijiu (grape) wine
橙子 chengzi orange
tang sugar, candy
饮料 yinliao beverage
豆腐 doufu tofu, bean curd
零食 lingshi snack
cha tea
蔬菜 shucai vegetables
花生 huasheng peanut
咖啡 kafei coffee (drink or powder)
白菜 baicai Chinese cabbage
瓜子 guazi melon seeds
牛奶 niunai milk
黄瓜 huanggua cucumber
巧克力 qiaokeli chocolate
矿泉水 kuangquanshui mineral water
ping measure word:bottles
bei measure word: cup
he measure word: box
dai measure word:sack, bad
ting measure word:can
饮食 yinshi diet, food and drink
Created by: danahellie
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