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Englsih vocab


indelible unable to be forgotten adj
synapse the space between nerve cells through which nerve impulses are transmitted n
mundane commonplace adj
exuberance full of joy n
mediate to resovle or settle differences by working with all the conglicting parties v
perpetually continuing without interruption adv
transient a person who passes from one town to the next remaining only in one place for a brief time n
fervently showin intenselt devoted or earnest feelings adv
contention an assertion or pint argued argued for in a controversy or debate n
irreligios not religios adj
myraid a vast number n
stricture blame n
amplitude capacity n
chaste pure adj
prosaic dull adj
censorious inclined fo find fault adj
unmalleable not flexible adj
dissipated to make dissapear graduall v
frugality economical in use n
gregarious social adj
inept foolish adj
affable friendly adj
lurid glaringly adj
taciturnity a tendency to be silent
perturbation disturbing b
fealty fidelity n
disdainful expressing scorn or sorrow adj
disparaging lowering in rank adj
impassively giving no sign adv
degradation lower in status n
tacit carried on without words adj
capacious capable of containg a great deal adj
pigmy a insignificant person n
inveigle to win over by flattery
seignurs a man of rank n
inured to make able to with stand strain v
blitzkreig a vialent war suprise n
turbid disable person n
sinecure an office that requires no or little work
fratricide one is that murders his or her own brother n
brood to dwell gloomingly v
dowager a widow n
furlough a leave of absence n
disheveled rumpled adj
obsequious showing too geat a willingless to serve
ostentation a vain display of wealth n
insolently rudely
ponderous extremely large adj
zephyr a breeze n
carbuncle a skin infection n
portent an omen
infinitesimal too small to be measured
impertinence rudeness n
scruple a misgiving n
buffoon a clown n
bellicose hostile
protuberance object that sticks out
nebulous cloudy adj
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