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Enviro science test

what are the layers of the lithiosphere called horizons
what three spheres make up the earth atmosphere, lithiosphere, hydrosphere
what is the area life lives in biosphere
what are the layers of the lithiosphere o, a, b, c
what are the layers of the atmosphere trophosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere, exosphere
how many layers of the atmosphere are there 6
what is a biome a catagory of land
how many biomes are there 7
name the biomes tundra, tropical forest, temperate forest, tropical grassland, temperate grassland, montains, desert
what is biotic living or used to be living
what is abiotic something that was never alive
what is climate normal conditions for a region
what is weather the current conditions
what is the most common gas in air nitrogen
how much of the air is made from nitrogen 78%
what is the percent of oxygen 24%
how much of the air is carbon dioxcide <1%
what is the first part of a scientific experiment getting a queston
what does PH stand for potential hydrogen
how much of the sun do we get about 50%
what is the air pressure at sea level 14.7 lbs
how many types of clouds are there 10
what does nimbo mean grey/precipitation
what does cumulo mean puffy
what does stratus mean layered
what does cirrus mean wispy
what is a stratus cloud like layered
what is a cumulo-nimbus cloud like puffy and grey
what is a cumulos cloud like puffy
what is a cirrus cloud like wispy
what is a cirro-stratus cloud like layered wisp
what is a strato-cumulos cloud like puffy layers
what is an alto-cumulos cloud like high and puffy
what is a nimbo-stratus cloud like grey layers
what is an alto-stratus cloud like high layers
how much carbon is life made of 18%
what PH is rain 5.6
what is nuetral on the PH scale 7
what is 1-6.9 on the PH scale called acidic
what is 7.1-14 on hthe PH scale called basic
how is dirt classified by size
how many types of dirt are there 3
name the three types of dirt clay, silt, sand
what is another name for the decomposing part of the ground humus
Created by: evan787