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PHCC Pharm rev 2

PHCC Pharm rev 2 ( Tracy 2 out of 2 pharm review)

gt stands for drop
Trade names are always capitalized
A tablet with an indented line running across the top is called scored
This med is an antiarrhythmic and is used to treat CHF. Lanoxin AKA digoxin
This med is a narcotic analgesic and an antitussive. codeine
The four classification of ASA are: (A.N.N.A.) = anti-pyrectic, non-narcotic analgesic, NSAID, anti-coagulant
This med is used to treat manic-depression disorders and HIV/AIDS. Lithobid
The generic name for Lithobid = lithium
The generic name for Amoxil is amoxicillin
The generic name for Mephyton is Vitamin K
diphenhydramine is better known as Benadryl
the classification for Demerol is : narcotic analgesic
The classification of Brethine is : bronchodilator
This anesthetic is also used for it's vasoconstrictive qualities in treating epistaxis: cocaine
APAP stands for: acetaminophen
Classification of APAP: (A.N.) = antipyretic, non-narcotic analgesic
the antagonist for APAP is: Acetadote
The antagonist for narcotics is: Narcan
The generic name for Brethine is: terbutaline
1900 hours is: 5:00 pm
ss stands for: one half
Q.I.D. stands for four times a day
g stands for gram
mEq stands for milli-equivalents
the classification for Lasix: diuretic
The classification for Nitro- Bid is: antianginal
The classification is Inderal: antianginal, antiarrhythmic, antihypertensive, and treats migraines
The classification for Lipitor: antihyperlipidemic
The classification for heparin is: anticoagulant
The classification for Dilantin is antiseizure
this local anesthetic is also used as an antiarrhythmic: Xylocaine AKA lidocaine
This cardiac stimulant is also a bronchodilation Adrenalin AKA epinephrine
The generic name for Coumadin is warfarin
the classification for Theo-Dur is: bronchodilator
The classification Zyban are antidepressant, non-nicotine smoking cessation
The generic name for Valium is diazepam
the generic name for Dilantin is phenytoin
sedative are used to treat : anxiety and are AKA (S.A.M) sedative,minor tranquilizer,minor tranquilizer
MDRTB stand for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis
the classification for Prozac is: antidepressant
MS stands for: morphine sulfate and multiple sclerosis
oxycodone and ASA is called: Percodan
oxycodone and APAP is called: Percocet
The classification for Bactrim : sulfonamide antibiotic
The classification for Keflex? cephalosporin antibiotic
The classification for Garamycin: aminoglycoside antibiotic
Epivir (lamivudine) is used to treat HIV / AIDS
The classification for Nizoral is: antifungal
D5NSS stands for : dextrose 5 percent in normal saline solution
RL(LR) means: Ringer's Lactate (Lactated Ringers)
AD stands for: Alzheimer's Disease or Right Ear
INH is used to treat : TB
h.s.stands for: hours of sleep or bedtime
the generic name for Tenormin is: atenolol
1Kg = _________ lb 2.2
gr stands for grain
the generic name for Ventolin or perventil is: albuterol
BCP or OCP stands for birth control or oral contraceptive pills
the size of a needle is referred to as the bore or gauge
DS stands for: double strength
1cc = _______ mL 1
The generic name for Inderal is: propranolol
The classification for Persantine is: anticoagulant
ug stands for: micro-gram
chlordiazepoxide is more commonly known as: Librium
WB stands for : whole blood
tPA refers ti which classification: thrombolytics
Another name for a troache is: lozenge
The classification for Thorazine is : (M.A.N) major tranquiler, antipsychotic, neuroleptic
a generic name in never: capitalized
PDR stands for: Physician's Desk Reference
oz i = __________mL 30
he classification for Rythmol is: antiarrhythmic
The abbreviation ung means : ointment
a.c. stands for : before meals
Fat particles mixed with water is called an: emulsion
Medication administration across the skin to the bloodstream is called: transdermal
Drug interaction that are undesirable but not unexpected are called: transdermal
Drug interactions that are undesirable but not unexpected are called: side effects or adverse effects
the classification of Norpace is; antiarrhythmic
SL stands for: sub-lingual
T i = __________mL 15
A unique reaction to a medication is called an: idiosyncrasy
the classification for Zoloft: antidepressant
the generic name for Persantine is: dipyridamole
ETOH stands for : ethanol (alcohol)
PCP refers to a: pneumonia associated w/ AIDS
The classification for Gantrisn is: sulfonamide antibiotic
Undissolved particles of medication mixed w/ water before use is called a : suspension
the dosage margin between the therapeutic level and the toxic level is called the : Therapeutic Index (TI)
Antineoplastic meds are used to treat: cancer
MVI stands for: multivitamin injection
LA stands for : long acting
the generic name for Motrin is: ibuprofen
1g = ____________mg 1000
a small slender glass container with a narrow neck which houses liquid med. is called an : ampule
The classification of Ergomar is: Tx for migraines
the common trade name for alprazolam Xanax
The classification of Mefoxin: cephalosporins antibiotic
two drugs combining to produce an effect greater than the independent effects of each is called: synergism( synergistic)
the classification of Vibramycin is: tetracycline antibiotic
the classification of Haldol are : antipsychotic and Tx for Tourette"s syndrome
a small glass bottle containing injectable med. with a rubber diaphragm at it's neck is called a: vial
the classification for Talwin is: narcotic analgesic
t i =______________mL 5
undesirable interaction of a drug is called: incompatibility
The classification for Adderall is: Tx for ADHD
Hyperalimentation (hyperal) can be abbreviated as: TPN (total peritoneal nutrition)
the generic for Motrin: ibuprofen
the classification for Ticar: penicillin antibiotic
p.c. stands for : after meals
Tablet that have a special coating to prevent : enteric
most meds are detoxified by the : liver
movement of a drug from the site of administration into the bloodstream is called: absorption
An inert substance administration to produce a psychological effects is called: a placebo
medication administration to prevent an occurrence is called: prophylaxis
NaHCO3 stands for: sodium bicarbonate
The classification for cephalexin is : cephalosporin antibiotic
the classification for Pfizerpen is: PCN
The classification of Activase is: thrombolytic
the rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles during a grand mal seizure is referred to as : tonic clonic
the antagonist for heparin is: protamine sulfate
Benzoyl peroxide is a med for Tx of: acne vulgaris
Zostrix is a med. for the Tx of: shingles
Cialis is a med. for the Tx of: ED
The classification for Celebrex is : NSAID
The classification for Boniva is: Tx for osteoporosis
The classification for Valium (diazepam) are: sedative, muscle relaxant, and Tx for status epilepticus
the classification for Nexium: Tx for PUD and GERD
HCTZ stands for : hydrochlorothiazide
bleeding problems can occur if Thiazide diuretics are combined w/: Ginkgo Biloba
A common iodine based antiseptic solution is called; Betadine( povidone iodine)
the classification for Klotrix: K supplement
the classification for Gaviscon : antacid
the generic name for Phenergan : promethazine
the classification for Bentyl is: GI antispasmodic
the generic name for Compazine: prochlorperazine
the classification for GoLYTELLY: bowel evacuate
the classification for Avodart or Flomax is: Tx for BPH
The classification for Moduretic : diuretic
PRBCs stands for: packed red blood cells
The classification for Augmentin: PCN antibiotic
The generic name for Lopressor or Toprol: metoprolol
The classification for Vesicare: urinary antispasmodic
the classification for Zofran: antiemetic
the classification for Alli: Tx for obesity
the classification for Zyloprim (allopurinol) : Tx for gout
the classification for Symbicort : said and bronchodilator
the classification for Chantix: non-nicotine smoking cessation drug
HTN stands for : hypertension
the classification for Cozaar: antihypertensive
the classification for Lovenox: anticoagulant
Created by: wgolon