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HMS Americas Vocab

North and South America Vocabulary

amendment a change to a document, especially a constitution
bilingual having or expressed in two languages
colony overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
federal republic form of government in which the national and state governments share powers
entrepreneur someone who starts a business that could make money but involves risk
free trade trade without barriers like tariffs or quotas so that goods flow freely between countries
transportation barrier a geographic feature that prevents or slows transportation
landfill area where trash companies dump the waste they collect
maquiladora factory that assembles parts made in other countries
megalopolis huge urban settlement made up of several large cities
migrant workers people who travel from place to place when extra help is needed to plant or harvest crops
transportation corridor a generally straight pathway free of barriers where transportation can occur
national debt money owed by a nation's government
overfishing taking fish from the ocean so fast that it threatens their existence in that region
constitution formal agreement that establishes the basis for a country's laws
peninsula piece of land with water on three sides
embargo order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country
province regional political division similar to a state
urbanization movement to cities
smog thick haze of fog and chemicals
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