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WVSOM -- First Aid Classic Presentations Page 5

Streak ovaries, congenital heart disease, horseshoe kidney Turner’s syndrome (XO, short stature, webbed neck, lymphedema)
Sudden swollen/painful big toe joint, tophi Gout/podagra (hyperuricemia)
Swollen gums, mucous bleeding, poor wound healing, spots on skin scury (vitamin C deficiency: can’t hydroxylate proline/lysine for collagen synthesis)
Swollen hard, painful finger joints osteoarthritis (osteophytes on PIP [Bouchard’s nodes], DIP [herberden’s Nodes])
Systolic ejection murmur (crescendo-decrescendo) aoritic valve stenosis
Thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal tumors Sipple’s Syndrome (Men2A)
Ulcerated genital lesions with exudates (painful) Chancroid (Haemophilus ducreyi)
Unilateral facial drooping Bell’s palsy (LMN CN VII Palsy)
Urethritis, conjunctivitis, arthritis in a male Reiter’s syndrome (reactive arthritis associated with HLA-B27)
Vascular birthmark (port-wine stain) Hemangioma (benign, but associated with Sturge-Weber Syndrome)
Vasculitis from exposure to endotoxin causing glomerular thrombosis Scwartzman reaction
Vomiting blood following esophagogastric lacerations Mallory-Weiss syndrome (alcoholics and eating disorders)
“Waxy” casts with very low urine flow chronic end-stage renal disease
WBC casts in urine acute pyelonephritis or cystitis
Weight loss, diarrhea, arthritis, fever, adenopathy Whipple’s disease (Tropheryma whippelii)
“worst headache of my life” berry aneurysm (associated with APKD)
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