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vocabulary ch.1-13

intrigued interested, curious, fascinated (pg.6)
jeering to make fun of someone in a rude manner (pg.3)
distraught mentally confused, distracted (pg.4)
apprehensive anxious, uneasy (pg.4)
defiant resistance to authority (pg. 5)
nurture to take care of (pg.8)
vital necessary or essential to life (pg.8)
previous occuring before (pg.11)
relinquish to give up (pg.42)
adherence stick to, stay attached (pg.12)
aptitude an ability, a natural tendency (pg.15)
chastise to punish (pg. 20)
serenely calmly, peacefully (pg.56)
meticulously extremely careful in attending to details (pg.62)
hoard to store away for future use (pg.23)
nondescript not distinctive enough to be described (pg.24)
gravitate to be attracted to, move towards (pg.26)
origin the beginning,the source, start (pg.73)
rigorous harsh, very severe, energetic, challenging (pg.62)
tabulated to count and record in an orderly way (pg.28)
successor one that follows; person who succeeds another in office, one that comes after (pg.104)
distributed to give out, spread out (pg.29)
subsided to become less (pg.104)
reprieve to suspend temporarily, to postpone (pg.42)
transgressions misdeeds (pg.45)
irritate to annoy, to provoke, bother (pg.50)
exasperated to frustrate, to make angry (pg.50)
duplication one or two things exactly alike (pg.51)
exemption freedom from a duty or rule (pg.69)
precise exact, accurate (pg.70)
spacious plenty of room, large, roomy (pg.74)
conspicuous easily seen, stands out (pg.74)
transmit pass on, send over (pg.77)
obstruction something gets in your way (pg.82)
frustrated to prevent from attaining a goal, discouraged (pg.92)
distinctive clearly standing out (pg.94)
capacity how much something holds, ability (pg.95)
predictable able to say in advance (pg.103)
vaguely unclear (pg.104)
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