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Page 339 Vocabulary

Page 339- Verbs and Adjectives Review

begin, start Hajimemasu
Finish Owarimasu
Understand Wakarimasu
Do Not Know Shirimasen
Can See Miemasu
Can hear Kikoemasu
To say iimasu
to speak/talk hanashimasu
to eat tabemasu
to drink nomimasu
to read yomimasu
hear kikimasu
do shimasu
study benkyoo shimasu
see mimasu
write kakimasu
type taipu shimasu
is fat futotte imasu
is skinny yasete imasu
is old toshio totte imasu
go ikimasu
come kimasu
return kaerimasu
get up okimasu
go to bed nemasu
go by walking aruite ikimasu
come by walking aruite kimasu
return by walking aruite kaerimasu
play sports spootsu o shimasu
have a party paatii o shimasu
travel ryokoo o shimasu
shop kaimono o shimasu
have a meal shokuji shimasu
make a phone call denwa shimasu
exist (animate) imasu
exist (inanimate) arimasu
to have arimasu
die shinimasu
rest/be absent yasumimasu
take (medicine) (kusuri o) nomimasu
tired tsukarete imasu
win kachimasu
lose makemasu
do one's best ganbarimasu
meet aimasu
practice renshuu shimasu
run hashirimasu
sit suwarimasu
stand tachimasu
turn in dashimasu
show misemasu
open akemasu
close shimemasu
quiet down shizuka ni shimasu
say iimasu
wait machimasu
buy kaimasu
forget wasuremasu
need ~ (~ga) irimasu
lend kashimasu
sing utaimasu
give (me) karemasu
receive moraimasu
give (to equal) agemasu
give (to inferior) yarimasu
play (for fun) asobimasu
swim oyogimasu
play a game geemu o shimasu
make tsukurimasu
take (picture) (shashin o) torimasu
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