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Musculoskeletal and Anti-inflammatory drugs

Disorders associated with pain, spasm, abnormal contraction or impaired mobility respond to what class of medication? skeletal relaxants
Back ache, muscle strain, are treated with what combination of therapies? muscle relaxants, rest, physical therapy, and mild analgesics
What does NSAID stand for? non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
What anatomy do muscle relaxants affect? spinal cord, brain, and periphipheral areas
What is are Valium and Robaxin used for? to treat acute painful musculoskeletal conditions
What does dantrolene do? causes a direct effect on skeletal muscles and is used in the management of spasticity form upper motor neuron disorders
What motor neuron disorders is dantrolene used for? MS or CP
What sclerosis is dantrolene ineffective towards treating? amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Can dantrolene be used for rheumatic disorders? NO
What drug class does succinylcholine and tubocurarine belong to? neuromuscular blocking agent
Who can administer succinylcholine? an anesthesiologist or specially trained person skilled in intubation and CPR
What are 2 CNS reactions to muscle relaxants? respiratory arrest and allergic reactions
What are 2 antidotes for muscle relaxants? Prostigmin and Tensilon
What is the generic name for Prostigmin? neostigmine
What is the generic name for Tensilon? edrophonium
What relationship does Prostigmin and Tensilon have to myasthenia gravis? Prostigmin may be used in the treatment of the disorder and Tensilon is sued in the diagnosis of such
T or F : a side effect of a muscle relaxant is hypertension False
T or F: A side effect of muscle relaxants is elevated respiratory rate False
T or F : The group of side effects applies to muscle relaxants ; blurred vision, headache and confusion True
What types of conditions are NSAIDS used for? arthritis, bursitis, spondylitis, gout, muscle strains and sprains
Why are corticosteroids not used for prolonged periods of time? because of the serious potential side effects
What chemical interaction do NSAIDS have (with reference to inhibiting synthesis) they inhibit prostaglandin synthesis
Is there a cure for rheumatic disorders? NO
___________ are the oldest drug in the NSAID category. salicylates
What 3 effects do salicylates have? antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory
What risks do pts with prolonged use of NSAIDs have? risk of gastric ulcer
What drug class do Celebrex and Vioxx belong to? Cox-2 inhibitors
What is Cox-2? cyclooxygenase 2
What do Cox-2 inhibitors inhibit? cyclooxygenase 2
What does Cox-1 responsible for affecting? clotting time
Why are Cox-2s preferred over others? because the do not pose the bleeding risk of the other and they cause fewere GI symptoms
What are the conditions for which NSAIDs/ or extreme caution applies to? many, priority: Liver dysfunction, Asthma, Cardio , Kidney disease, Hx Ulcer Thyroid disease, Reyes precaution, GERD, elderly, preg/lactating,sulfa sensitivity
What drugs do NSAIDs interact with? alcohol, anticoagulants, oral hypoglycemics (sulfonylureas, steroids, methotrexate, uricosurics,triamterine
What drug is used to treat acute gout? colchicine
What drug is used to treat chronic gout? allopurinol
What are the side effects of colchicine? Rash, GI upset and blood disorders
When taking gout medications how much fluid should one be instructed to take? a large amount
How soon prior to surgery should a gout med be stopped ? 10-14 days
What allergy should a nurse be aware of if the person is prescribed celebrex? sulfa
What is HRT? hormone replacement therapy
What combination of HRT is used to prevent osteoporosis? estrogen with or without progestin
What is calcitonin used for? it is a synthetic hormone for women who cannot tolerate HRT or for whom it would be contraindicated
What are the side effects of HRT? GI distress, muscle pain and renal insufficiency, hypocalcemia
_____________ is a biophospnate used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis Actonel
What is the position that a person is to remain in after taking Fosamax? upright for approximately 30 minutes
NSAIDS should be taken: with or without food? with food (to prevent GI irritation)
What is tinnitus? ringing in the ears
What is tinnitus a sign of when taking NSAIDS? toxicity
What drug category do ibuprofen and indomethacin belong to? NSAID
What drug class doees raloxifene belong to? osteoporotic agent
Created by: Kelly Quijano