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Asphyxia Oxegen Starvation
Aspiration Inhalation of foreign substance
Bronchiectasis Chronic dilation of the bronchi
Cheyne-Stokes Respiration Repeated cycle of shallow breathes that increase in depth and rapitidy, the decrease and cease altogether for 10 - 15 sec
Diptheria Bacterial infection of mucous membranes/ oropharynx and larynx enlarge and become leathery
Dyspnea painful or labored breathing
Epistaxis loss of blood from the nose
Orthopnea dyspnea that occurs in the horizontal position
Rhinitis Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
Tachypnea Rapid breathing
Hypoxia a deficiency of Oxygen at the tissue level
Hypoxic hypoxia low oxygen in the blood from high altitude
Anemic hypoxia Reduced hemogloblin in blood from blood loss/anemia/Hgb combinrd to CO
Ischemic hypoxia blodd flow to tissue is reduced from infart or cut vessel to organ
Copd general term for any disease that blocks the airway
Asthma inflammation of the airway producing sporadic narrowing of the airway by smooth muscle contraction
Bronchitis increased mucus production from underlying irritaition/ smoking or allerigies
Emphysemia aveoli wall disinterate/ large air space/ air trapped in aveoli/ loss of elastic fibers
Pneumonia infection of the aveoli
Tuberculosis Infection by mycobaterium tuberculosis
Coryza common cold or flu
Pulmonary embolism blood cot or foreign substance in pulmonary arterial vessel
Pulmonary edema accumulation of fluid in interstitial spaces and alveoli
Cystic fibrosis increased abnormal secretions of respiratory system, pancreas, salivary glands and sweat glands
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