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Europe:Climate Zones

Europe: Key Words

Climate ZoneDescription/CharacteristicsTypes of Natural Vegetation
Marine West Coast Mild temperatures. Long growing seasons due to mild temperatures, abundant precipitation. Forests such as deciduous and coniferous thrive here.
Humid Continental Cooler summers and colder dry winters. Dry winds cause by less rain. Deciduous and coniferous.
Mediterranean Hot and dry summers, mild and wet winters with no snow. Shrubbs, grass, alive trees and grape vines. Low rain falls and many droughts.
Subarctic cool summers and frigid winters. Alot of timberline; the point where trees stop growing.
Tundra Extremely cold, summer sun shines for 20 hours, in the winter sun shines for 4 hours. Bearly any trees, almost none.
Highland Climate is usually cool to cold. Mountains
Steppe Dry conditions, almost like the desert, but a little better.
Humid Subtropical Hot and wet summers, mild and wet winters.
Created by: 2015GupJah